Saigon Street Aerobics

The Astronomer and I are often asked how we are able to eat so much and keep so trim. Our answer? Street aerobics.

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12 Responses to “Saigon Street Aerobics”

  • That’s brilliant! And good on you for taking part!

    I saw a bit of this in Chiang Mai…but on a much smaller scale.

  • Hahaha! I think you had the highest energy level of the whole group. Nice one.

  • HAHAHAHAHA. I saw a bunch of people doing interesting exercise moves at a park near Cho Ben Thanh, but I didn’t dare to record them. This is hilarious! I don’t blame her for eating while exercising–there’s food everywhere! 🙂

  • aahaha.. that is awesome! i love how the little girl in the periphery is dancing along.

  • LOL! I love how she was exercising and eating. Looks like loads of fun (:

  • Wonderful! I’ll make sure to pack my leopard-skin aerobic tights with my trip in August because I want to be ready for any street aerobic. Got to look good for you-tube !

  • CAM ON. I’m glad you guys dug it because had a blast exercising with a big ‘ol group. Let’s bring street aerobics to America! And definitely don’t forget to pack your spandex.

  • Love it! Such a funny post =) yeah, we totally needed to have done this in Saigon, but was a bit hesitant with all the motorbike fumes….

  • It’s kind of sick, but I’m so used to the fumes that I don’t even notice them anymore :-(. I hope I’m not doing any permanent damage…

  • ha, ha…bet you it does wonders for your meridian flow and qi, it’s like an East meets West thing.

    By the way, totally down for starting our own street aerobics meet-up, by the reflection pool at PCC, ha, ha….

  • Hi the gastronomer,
    do you “pay” the instructor for it, after you’re done? or is it a you-come-you-go free activity on the streets? ^^

  • ThiiW – It was totally free as far as I could tell.

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