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{swoon} “The Chronic” at Mom’s Burgers

Mom's Burgers - Compton

Joyce “Mom” McLaurin opened Mom’s Burgers over three decades ago to bring simple yet immensely satisfying fast-food style fare to the neighborhood. Stroll up to the window to place your order, and then wait for a gentle tap on the Plexiglas window to signal when it’s ready to be picked up.

Waits can be a bit long since everything is made to order, so call ahead for a curbside pickup or better yet, bump to the slow jams blasting from the speakers or partake in an impromptu game of chess. Both work up an appetite quite nicely. Once the goods are in hand, grab a seat at one of the stools along the counter or at the umbrella-shaded tables hidden beside the building.

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Honey’s Kettle – Los Angeles (Compton)

Honey's Kettle - Compton

The promise of phenomenal fried clucks brought The Astronomer and me to Honey’s Kettle in Compton. While the Culver City branch is quite a bit closer to home, I’ve had my heart set on visiting the original location since moving into town. I love how book research has broken down every logical excuse, from time to distance to money, and dwindled my to-eat list to nil in the process. No corner of the city is too far or inconvenient when it comes to seeking out the very best.

Honey's Kettle - Compton

Orders are placed at the front counter and are ready to be picked up a few minutes later. After grabbing a seat at one of the orange tables, we peeled back the layers of wrapping and dug right in.

Honey's Kettle - Compton

Vincent Williams, the proud owner of Honey’s Kettle, guards his fried chicken recipe close to the vest. He prepares the secret batter off site and delivers it daily to each location, where the kitchen adds water, mixes until smooth, and hand batters the chicken as orders roll in. Every thigh, wing, breast, and leg is submerged in this downright magical mixture before meeting the hot oil in a stainless steel kettle drum.

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