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{swoon} Choux aux Sésames at Pâtisserie Chantilly

Patisserie Chantilly - Lomita

Chef Keiko Nojima’s French pastries with a Japanese flare at Patisserie Chantilly are nothing short of spectacular. From the perfectly precise layers on each cake to the delicate cream piping on the famous puffs, immense care and attention to detail goes into creating each sweet.

While every dessert lining the pastry counter is impeccable, it’s the black sesame cream puff that gets all the good press. Each pâte a chou shell is filled to order with black sesame-infused whipped cream and drizzled with mesquite honey and sprinkled with soy powder. The intense and pure flavor that Chef Nojima is able to extract from the black sesame seeds is incredible—neither too much cream nor sugar cloud the main event.

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