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The Year in Delicious: Top 10 Savories of 2013

The Year in Delicious: Top 10 Savories of 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect upon the dishes that defined my year in delicious. The City of Angels fed me well, as always, contributing to half of the list—Eastside, represent! Travels to Shanghai, Tokyo, Chengdu, and Portland rounded out the top ten. While last minute trips to Las Vegas and Charleston provided some solid contenders, all were ultimately shut out this year—it’s tough competing for my noodle-loving heart.

Thank you for reading Gastronomy, and without further ado, here are the 10 best savory dishes that I ate this year…

Sushi Kanesaka - Tokyo

Ikura from Sushi Kanesaka in Tokyo, Japan

Impeccably fresh salmon eggs do not pop when bitten into. Instead, each orb smoothly unleashes its oily sheen with the gentlest of pressure, flooding the palate with oceanic bliss. Topped with grated yuzu zest and served over warm rice, the ikura was unforgettable.

Ha Tien Quan - San Gabriel

Bun Mam from Hà Tiên Quán in San Gabriel, California

An anchovy-laced brew brimming with pork belly, chunks of catfish, shrimp, Japanese eggplant, and chives won my heart completely with its heady, unabashed funk. Hidden beneath the dark broth were smooth and slippery rice noodles.

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{Instabites} November 2013

{Instabites} November 2013

{i may never go out for sushi ever again #sushionthecouch, noodle (home)boy, boozy ice cream sandwiches, #lason in the flesh, sunday saucin’ with anne burrell‘s sweet and spicy sausage ragu, they don’t call it elite for nothin’, ube shake (with my pork adobo burger), nor cal ‘nuts, itty bitty banh beo, i stuffed a pumpkin with everything good, good girls don’t age #forever21, black sesame snow + fresh rice cakes + coconut cream—welcome to the 626, blockheads}

Introducing: Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles

The Food Lovers' Guide To Los Angeles by Cathy Chaplin
Online: Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Indie Bound | Books-A-Million | Powells
In stores: Barnes & Noble | Distant Lands | Gene Autry Center | Kinokuniya | Kitson | Page: A Bookstore | The Blue Wave Car Wash | The Library Store | Travelers Bookcase | UCLA Bookstore | USC Bookstore | Vroman’s | Warwick’s

After months of researching and writing, followed by frantic stretches of editing and refining, my labor of love (and gluttony), Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeleswill be released on December 17—just in time for the holidays! Here’s a snippet from the back of the book:

With nearly 10 million inhabitants calling this 4,752 square mile metropolis home, eating in the City of Angels is a gut-busting adventure like no other. While a wide range of cuisines can be found in every major city in America, what’s special about the food here is that it’s made by the people, for the people. In place of one-stop-shops that serve a country’s greatest hits, you’ll find a kind of regionalization and specialization that can only happen when there’s a local audience large enough to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of what’s on the stove.

In Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles, seasoned food writer Cathy Chaplin shares the inside scoop on the best places to find, enjoy, and celebrate these culinary treasures. A bounty of mouthwatering delights awaits you in this engagingly written guide.

It was a tremendous adventure penning this guide and I hope it finds its way to your bookshelf, or better yet, glove compartment. Food Lovers, unite!

{Instabites} October 2013

{Instabites} October 2013

{thit kho in exchange for a halloween costume, beat the utes, my co-workers: the best, ludobird, dem potatoes! dat marrow!, #LASon, huckleberry doughnut—damn delicious, spaghetti a la marcella hazan, lamb bam thank you ma’am burger, #unexpectedelights, coni forever, arkansas black handpie, gac!, val with my 30 year old pal, old school burger in old pasadena, grandpa’s giving tree, grandma’s wontons, the best #crauxnut}

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