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Adana Restaurant – Glendale

Adana Restaurant - Los Angeles - Glendale

For those who are totally turkey-, cranberry sauce-, and stuffing‘ed out, meet Adana, a J-Gold recommended spot in an unlikely corner of Glendale. Sarah and I stopped in for lunch a few weeks back and ate our weight in superb Middle Eastern cooking.

Adana Restaurant - Los Angeles - Glendale

Every meal at Adana begins with a basket of pita bread and pita chips. Both are addictive, especially when the hummus hits the table.

Adana Restaurant - Los Angeles - Glendale

Lunch started with a fattoush salad ($9.99), a bed of verdolagas (also known as purslane) adorned with tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, herbs, feta cheese, and pita chips dressed with lemon and oil. Sarah liked this plate o’ greens very much.

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Pondok Kaki Lima Indonesian Food Bazaar at the Duarte Inn – Los Angeles (Duarte)

Pondok Kaki Lima Indonesian Food Bazaar at Duarte Inn

The parking lot of the Duarte Inn plays host to some of the best Indonesian cooking in Los Angeles every Saturday from 10 in the morning until to 2 in the afternoon. Pondok Kaki Lima, popularly described as an outdoor “food bazaar,” is composed of three different vendors hawking homey Indonesian fare.

Pondok Kaki Lima Indonesian Food Bazaar at Duarte Inn The Astronomer and I first explored Pondok Kaki Lima while I was researching and writing the Food Lovers’ Guide to Los Angeles. Considering what a terrific time we had and how close Duarte is to home, it took us far too long to return. Better late than never, as always.

June's first taste of Indonesian food

This time around, we came with our daughter June in tow. She was quite receptive to the spice and funk of Indonesian cooking, which pleased her (not smug) parents to no end.  Continue reading ‘Pondok Kaki Lima Indonesian Food Bazaar at the Duarte Inn – Los Angeles (Duarte)’

n/naka – Los Angeles

N/Naka - Los Angeles

I try not to throw around the word “perfect” too often, but there’s no way around it when it comes to Chef Niki Nakayama’s n/naka. From food to service and ambiance, this place is as perfect as they come. There, I said it.

N/Naka - Los Angeles

Chef Niki serves a 13-course “Modern Kaiseki” nightly ($185). The menu changes with the seasons, and with the chef’s whims, while the flow of the meal adheres to Japanese traditions. The three hour experience is beautifully orchestrated and paced  just so, leaving diners pampered, satisfied, and feeling thoroughly justified for indulging in something so extravagant.

n/naka - Los Angeles

Our meal began with Saki Zuke, “a pairing of something common and something unique,” grilled Japanese scallop with ikura (salmon eggs) and English pea soup. Continue reading ‘n/naka – Los Angeles’

Dulan’s On Crenshaw – Los Angeles (Crenshaw)

Dulans On Crenshaw - Crenshaw - Los Angeles

For a taste of southern home cooking in Los Angeles, look no further than Dulan’s on Crenshaw. Here at this brightly lit and simply appointed restaurant, owner Greg Dulan follows his father Adolf “King of Soul Food” Dulan’s footsteps, delivering delightful down-home fare that hits the spot like nothing else can. Adolf, by the way, owns the equally excellent Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen in Inglewood.

Dulans On Crenshaw - Crenshaw - Los Angeles

Dulan’s is laid out a bit like a cafeteria, with Styrofoam trays and steam tables at the front. While all menu items are available a la carte, most diners choose a “meat and two” combination that comes with two sides and two cornbread muffins.

The roster of proteins includes fried, baked, and smothered chicken, fried and baked fish, oxtails, short ribs, smothered pork chops, and meatloaf.  The selection of sides includes macaroni and cheese, two types of greens (collard and cabbage), candied yams, cornbread dressing, red beans, rice, mashed potatoes, corn and okra, black-eyed peas, and potato salad.

Dulans On Crenshaw - Crenshaw - Los Angeles

While my lunchtime companions couldn’t resist the fried chicken, the meatloaf ($10.95) was calling my name. Served smothered with softened onions and a ketchup-spiked gravy, the meatloaf had a homey and hearty way about it. I was pleased with my selection. Continue reading ‘Dulan’s On Crenshaw – Los Angeles (Crenshaw)’

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