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Connie & Ted’s – Los Angeles (West Hollywood)

Connie & Ted's - West Hollywood

I’ve been pining for a taste of Connie & Ted’s ever since the restaurant’s plywood came down and signage went up this past May. Seafood, especially of the New England variety, is totally my jam, not to mention that the chef behind the shiny new WeHo venture, Michael Cimarusti, is one amazing talent.

Named after the grandparents who took him fishing as a kid in Rhode Island, Connie and Ted’s is a tribute to the food of Chef Cimarusti’s childhood.

Connie & Ted's - West Hollywood

The consensus among friends who dined at Connie & Ted’s during its opening weeks was that the food and service were fine, with desserts being a highlight, but nowhere near the level where they ought to be considering the talented team in the kitchen.

On the flip side, the city’s critics have been mostly impressed with the “authenticity” of the cooking found here. L.A. Weekly’s Besha Rodell remarked that “Connie & Ted’s does by far the best job of re-creating the pleasures of that other coast” in her three-star review, while the L.A. Times’ Jonathan Gold remained vague but positive in his write up, calling the restaurant “neither a chefly interpretation of a Rhode Island clam shack nor a fantasia on the theme of New England seafood.”

Connie & Ted's - West Hollywood

To make a call for ourselves, The Astronomer and I lunched here on a recent Sunday afternoon with our friend Darin and his girlfriend Shirley. We fumbled on the reservation front, but were seated adjacent to the bar not too long after arriving.

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{swoon} Camarones Borrachos at Coni’Seafood

Coni'Seafood - Inglewood

When I was first introduced to Coni’Seafood years ago by my friend Bill, it was the supple camarones aguachiles that left me swooning. Flash-marinated in lime juice, salt, and jalapeno, the barely-cooked shrimp just couldn’t be beat.

On recent visits to Connie Cossio’s Inglewood mariscos spot, I’ve been falling hard for the camarones borrachos, drunken shrimp that seduce with a garlicky punch followed by a slow, lingering burn.

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Mariscos La Puntilla – Mazatlán

Mariscos La Puntilla - Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean while indulging in marvelous mariscos was one of the most magical moments that I enjoyed in Mazatlán.

For our final dinner in town, we headed to Mariscos La Puntilla, a fifteen-year-old open-air eatery specializing in fruits of the sea prepared Mazatlán style. The atmosphere was kick back, with views of ferries coming in and out of nearby Isla de la Piedra.

Mariscos La Puntilla - Mazatlan, Sinaloa

We were greeted by baskets full of saltine crackers and tostadas, as well as a selection of hot sauces, upon being seated. While I was initially excited to try all of the nifty condiments, the seafood here was so spectacular that not much of anything was required for complete satisfaction.

Mariscos La Puntilla - Mazatlan, Sinaloa

While my traveling companions sipped Pacificos and margaritas, I was in the mood for coconut water. The plentiful bits of coconut meat floating about made up for the fact that the drink was served in a glass rather than in an actual coconut.

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{swoon} Tostada de Pulpo at Rico’s Mar Azul Truck

Rico's Mar Azul Mariscos Truck - Highland Park

Rico’s Mar Azul, a splashy blue truck stationed in an idyllic park off Figueroa, specializes in Mexico City-style seafood preparations. The concise menu lists tostadas, cocteles, and that’s it. The tostada de pulpo, a raft of tender octopus and avocado slathered in a creamy white sauce reminiscent of Greek tzatziki, is my favorite bite of all.

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