Yang Chow Restaurant – Pasadena

Yang Chow - Pasadena

When the family’s in the mood for Chinese food, we head south to San Gabriel, Alhambra, or Monterey Park to feast. But when the family’s in the mood for American Chinese food, we stay close to home and dine at Yang Chow Restaurant (or Panda Express, of course). There’s enough gastro real estate for the best of both woks.

Yang Chow - Pasadena

The Yang Family opened the first Yang Chow upon arriving in Los Angeles from Hong Kong in 1976. Today there are three locations in Pasadena, Chinatown, and Canoga Park.

Yang Chow - Pasadena

Even though there are well over 100 items on the menu, every customer that comes through the doors orders the same thing: Slippery Shrimp ($17.50). An ocean-dwelling cousin of General Tso, Slippery Shrimp is lightly coated in cornstarch and wok’d to perfection before being doused in a sticky sauce made of ginger, garlic, chilies, and plenty of the refined white stuff. It’s sweet as all hell, but also addictively crunchy.

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Here’s Looking at You – Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Here's Looking at You - Los Angeles (Koreatown)

A few days before Here’s Looking at You officially opened to the public, my friend Thien and I attended a sneak peek for friends and family.

Lien Ta, the restaurant’s co-owner and front-of-the-house maven, is our friend and family, and seeing her longtime dream of opening a restaurant come true this evening was, dare I say, quite possibly even better than Chef Jonathan Whitener’s amazing cooking. High-five, L.T.! You did it.

Here's Looking at You - Los Angeles (Koreatown)

Thien and I were seated at the best table in the house—a bad-ass banquette overlooking the entire dining room. We thrived in our throne all evening!

Here's Looking at You - Los Angeles (Koreatown)

We started with two perfectly crafted cocktails. For me: the Seascape Swizzle ($15) with
Mezcal Espadin, summer berries, fresh lime, cassis, Lillet Rouge, rose, and sea salt;
a drink inspired by Sqirl’s seascape berry & rose geranium jam. I’m a total lightweight these days, and this one did me in in the best way.

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{swoon} Southern Biscuits from Good Gravy Bakes

Good Gravy Bakes | Smorgasburg - Los Angeles

I was beyond thrilled to stumble upon Good Gravy Bakes at Smorgasburg on a recent Sunday morning. Super-talent Beth Kellerhals is baking up sky-high Southern biscuits, and they are swoon-inducing.

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Otium – Los Angeles (Downtown)

Otium - Broad Museum - Los Angeles (Downtown)

Every Friday afternoon on his unenviable commute from El Segundo to Pasadena, The Astronomer tunes in to KCRW’s Good Food to hear Jonathan Gold’s restaurant pick of the week. He usually comes home totally pumped to explore whatever hot spot Mr. Gold dished about—from cotton candy in Koreatown to swanky new openings in Downtown.

Otium - Broad Museum - Los Angeles (Downtown)

We were inspired to finally make reservations at Otium following one particularly memorable segment. According to Mr. Gold, Otium is possibly “the most spectacular new restaurant to open in Los Angeles in years.” 

Otium - Broad Museum - Los Angeles (Downtown)

In the glow of The Broad Museum, Timothy Hollingsworth, the former chef de cuisine at the French Laundry, serves an eclectic menu of large and small plates. There are a number of raw seafood preparations, handmade pastas, and larger format proteins. 

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