Jun 2008

Nem Nướng

Nina introduced The Astronomer and I to her favorite Nem Nướng joint for lunch a while back. Quan 33 (33 Ly Tu Trong, District 1) is located steps away from her digs and a stones throw from Ben Thanh Market. Location this good inevitably means higher prices, especially since the folks who run the restaurant do not reside in the same building. The majority of restaurants in Vietnam also serve as the family home, which means monthly rent is a non-issue and prices are much lower as a result.

This bowl of bun nem nuong thit nuong went for a hefty 30,000 VND. Although it was much pricier than bun elsewhere, the nem nuong was everything Nina said it would be—flavorful, smoky and not too fatty! The nuoc mam here is also very good, which is essential for moistening all the ingredients and tying the whole package together. Having Nina around to introduce me to central Vietnamese classics like nem nuong (and corn cha gio!) has been a treat.

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3 thoughts on “Nem Nướng

  1. OOOOH! My family just had another family dinner last night and we had nem nuong cuon. It’s my girlfriend’s favorite. They put these little friend wanton sticks in the middle to add crunch and fried goodness to each roll. Sooooo yummy!

  2. I meant “fried wonton sticks.” LOL!! Not sure what I was thinking subliminally. 🙂

  3. WC – If you make me nem nuong, I’ll take you on a run. Yin. Yang. Deal?

    Danielle – Oooh, wontons sound like a nice touch. Crunch is never a bad thing.

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