Jan 2008

Vegetation Profile: Vú Sữa II

Thanks to some helpful hints on how to tackle vú sữa from gas•tron•o•my reader Duy, I gave the fruit another go this week. I bought two vú sữa for 5,000 VND from a lady in District 3, and chilled them in the fridge overnight. Right before I was ready to eat the vú sữa, I followed Duy’s advice and molested the shit out of them. I hope that didn’t come out too vulgar. What I meant to say was, I massaged them really well. Maybe even too well, because both times I cracked the skin and made a small hole. Oops.

The hole actually turned out to be a good thing. I just made it a little bigger, and tilted the fruit into my mouth to drink the milky goodness. By the way, I would’ve asked The Astronomer to take a picture, but the scene was a little too porn-y. Unlike my first mediocre experience with vú sữa, the fruit tasted awesomely refreshing and sweet this time around. The flavor reminded me of a thicker version of the juice from a fresh young coconut. After I drank all of the juice, I ate the flesh with a spoon. Mmm, boy!

And on a sort of related note, Noodlepie rules. If you haven’t checked out his Saigon archives yet, you’re a rotten egg.

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10 thoughts on “Vegetation Profile: Vú Sữa II

  1. I agree about noodlepie. He was my first food blog experience!! And what an experience. I showed pictues and videos to my mom. I think it was the one that introduced me to yours.

  2. Big fan of your blog, thanks for all the good info.
    On a related notes, it is too bad that noodlepie isn’t in Saigon anymore….

  3. Duy – thanks again!

    Neneh and Tuan – Pieman rules!! It’s a damn shame he isn’t in Saigon anymore, but he continues to inspire my gastronomic adventures.

  4. There’s a reason why they call it “breast milk fruit” ! It’s my favorite fruit to eat when I’m in Vietnam. The frozen ones at the Viet grocers don’t even come close! Thanks for sharing, wish you could save a couple for me. 🙂

  5. Catherine, thank you so much for the sweet thought, and we just met! Hey,um…I am never quite complete without my other “rice” half and we always share treats. Unfortunately, when it comes to vu sua, I am a girl all on my own. So could you possibly…um…just eat one more for Todd? I’ll make it up to you when you come back to LA, we’ll make you and Zach lunch! 🙂

  6. I can definitely eat one more for Todd. In fact, I prefer to eat them in sets of two, it’s just more natural that way. And lunch would be fun! Bloggers unite. Oh, and I think you meant Vernon, The Astronomer ;-).

  7. oops! our biggest apologizes to Vernon. We were talking about our friend Zach while I was typing and should have proof read our post! We’ll make it up to double time at lunch…2 cocktails for him!

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