Jan 2022

2021: The Year I Quit My Day Job and Wrote My Heart Out

James Wang

Before diving head first into 2022 (it’s the second week of the new year, after all), a wistful look back at my favorite pieces for Eater LA from 2021. While I have deeply missed blogging regularly here, having the opportunity to share stories to a wider audience has been a welcomed challenge and a tremendous gift. Happy New Year!

Oct 2021

Bridgetown Roti – Los Angeles


One of my favorite ongoing series at Eater LA is a weekly feature called The Best Dishes Eater Editors Ate This Week. I hemmed and hawed for a solid 20 minutes trying to decide which dish on chef Rashida Holmes’s menu at Bridgetown Roti merited a nod on a recent roundup. Ultimately, I chose all the dishes. It’s impossible to play favorites with a menu so seriously stacked and skillfully prepared.

Bridgetown Roti - Los Angeles

In honor of #Goatober and chef Holmes’s fantastic cooking, here’s a rundown of all that’s good to eat at this Caribbean food business…

Bridgetown Roti - Los Angeles

Aunt Vie’s cod fish cakes ($8) are perfectly golden and served with a dainty dollop of garlic aioli and itty bitty chives.

Sep 2021

{swoon} Pozole verde at Tamales Elena Y Antijitos

Tamales Elena Y Antojitos - Bell Gardens

For those who think that soup is for cold weather only, please consider the supremely delicious pozole verde served at Tamales Elena Y Antijitos in Bell Gardens. Made by Maria Elena Lorenzo and served all days of the week, the soup is simmered with tender shredded pork and hominy, and comes topped with all that’s good in this world — avocado, onions, radishes, cabbage, pickled jalapeños, and softened cheese. A baggie filled with tostada rounds and pork rinds are served on the side to add some crunch, a little bit at a time. The soup hits every soulful note and is bright and light enough for every season, warm, or cold.