May 2008

Bánh Lỗ Tai

Bánh lỗ tai or ear-shaped cookies are one of The Astronomer’s and my favorite Vietnamese snacks. Although they contain sesame seeds, their flavor is not purely sesame. They are a bit sweet, a smidgen salty and very addictive. Trust me. There are two types of bánh lỗ tai on the market—the thick variety and the thin kind. I’ve tasted both and there’s no question in my mind that the thick one is much tastier. Unlike chips and other cookie counterparts, bánh lỗ tai’s texture is hearty and satisfying.

I bought the batch above from the cookie dealer on wheels in District 4 who sells 100 grams for 7,000 VND. And just like everything else in Saigon, these cookies taste extra delicious after they’ve chilled in the fridge.

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2 thoughts on “Bánh Lỗ Tai

  1. oh those are adorable and sound so good. I’m up for anything addictive! I think I’ve seen something similar in Chinatown, but don’t recall sesame seeds in them.

  2. I just finished a container of these cookies! They are addictive although they don’t have much of a flavor I still love them. Must be the texture and the crunch. I bought them on a whim while in an asian food store looking for cracker nuts, pocki and love letters. All junk I know but I like to deviate from the norm now and then and have other things to snack on. Glad there are other fans out there!

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