Jun 2007

21st Street Gourmet – Philadelphia


June 7, 2007
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Other

119 S 21st St, Philadelphia 19103
Btwn Walnut St & Sansom St

Phone: 215-563-9099
Website: none

loafy sandwich

Lentil Loaf Sandwich – aged provolone, tomato, served on toasted grain bread with pasta salad and Dijon potato salad ($7.25)

poached egg cressant

Poached Eggs on a Fluffy Croissant with a side of Bacon ($3.95)

My friend Wes and I are always on the lookout for tasty lunch spots and decided to give 21st Street Gourmet a try the other afternoon. When it comes to appetites and food preferences, Wes and I are like night and day. Whereas Wes is rarely hungry and only likes traditional American fare, I have a hearty appetite and enjoy just about everything granted it doesn’t contain trans fats. It’s not easy finding an eatery that satisfies both our tastes, but 21st Street Gourmet comes pretty darn close.

21st Street Gourmet is a full-service restaurant that offers take-out and catering as well. The restaurant is quite spacious and was reasonably crowded when we visited. Most diners seemed to be business-types on lunch break.

Always in the mood for breakfast, Wes ordered Poached Eggs on a Fluffy Croissant with a side of bacon. A large toasted croissant gently held together two poached eggs. Wes said the poached eggs were perfect (not too hard or too soft) and the yolks were wonderfully runny. He also commented that the croissant was delicious and the bacon was thick. What really put a smile on my face was when Wes admitted that this meal was better than the slop served up at Sandy’s and returned the next day to enjoy another Poached Eggs on a Fluffy Croissant. I’ve been trying to get Wes to abandon Sandy’s for months!

My Lentil Loaf Sandwich was a smaller than expected based on the price, but very delightful and satisfying. The loaf was composed of lentils, rice, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I often prefer vegetarian options over meat because they tend to be healthier and definitely more interesting. The melted aged provolone tied together the loaf, bread, and tomatoes well. The pasta salad (tri-color rotini tossed in Italian dressing) was fairly run of the mill, but the potato salad (quartered small red potatoes in Dijon/mayonnaise dressing) was above average.

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2 thoughts on “21st Street Gourmet – Philadelphia

  1. I’ve passed by this place many a time, but have never tried their food. Maybe I’ll give it a try one of these days. Thanks for the review!

  2. Always a fan of 21st Street. The restaurant is calm, even when full. The food is delicious and the menu is not a duplicate of every other restaurant. The staff are gracious. I have eaten Sunday brunch at 21st several times, I’ve taken my lunch out, and I’ve dealt with 21st with corporate catering. The food is routinely delicious, the service polite and intended to please, and the restaurant is reliable.

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