Aug 2007

Quán Ăn Ngon – Ho Chi Minh City


August 17, 2007
Cuisine: Vietnamese

138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 088257179
Website: none

Our colleague Mimi invited us to lunch last Friday and suggested we dine at Quán Ăn Ngon. According to numerous guidebooks and tourist websites, a trip to Saigon isn’t complete without eating here at least once. The restaurant serves spiffed-up of versions of traditional street food in a tropical space resembling a Hollister store. Quán Ăn Ngon’s chief diners are Pepto-Bismol popping tourists and Vietnamese residents with cash to burn. The restaurant opened in 2001 and is always packed during peak dining hours.

Word on the street is that the restaurant’s owner, a Viet Kieu (overseas Vietnamese), scoured the streets of Saigon and recruited the best cooks in town to prepare their dishes at Quán Ăn Ngon. Without a central kitchen, these “chefs” cook up their specialties along the perimeter of the eatery for the viewing pleasure of diners (see video below).

IMG_4060 IMG_4058


IMG_4062 IMG_4066

Similar to Vietnamese-American Restaurants, Quán Ăn Ngon’s menu is extensive. I felt like Barry Schwartz shopping for jeans at the Gap while trying to narrow down what to eat. I eventually settled on the bo bia (10,000 VND) and banh tam bi (20,000), while The Astronomer ordered com thit nuong (25,000 VND) and banh tom ho tay (20,000 VND). Mimi suggested we share a plate rau muong xao toi (22,000 VND) and I agreed.

The best thing I had at the restaurant was the rau muong xao toi, which is water spinach sautéed in garlic. Even though I had stinky breath for the rest of the day, it was totally worth it! The Astronomer agreed that the rau muong was awesome. The rest of my selections were ho hum. If cleaning up street food means taking away most of the flavor, then I’ll pass. The Astronomer liked his dishes, but didn’t think they were any tastier than what he’s eaten on the streets or in grimy establishments for half the price.

Eating Vietnamese food in a Hollister store is pretty cool, but we’ll stick to the streets next time.

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5 thoughts on “Quán Ăn Ngon – Ho Chi Minh City

  1. You are so right! dont know why so many Viet Kieu and tourists think this is a cool place to eat! the food is so bad, even che which is such a stable desert but they can make it so bland that i dont think anything else would pass your palate. Totally agreed with you!

  2. We have dined at Quan An Ngon several times. The food was good, tho nothing spectacular. I prefer the street vendors where I can gauge the quality of the ingredients and the patrons can tell me whether the vendor is worthwhile. This is not the case with Quan An Ngon. You are seated far from the cooks… and unlike the States, there is no refrigeration, so that gorgeous shrimp that you just put in your mouth could give make you sick for the next two days. Hubby, brother & I were knocked down so hard… I swear we’ll never go back there again. BTW, I am VNese and well versed in the cuisine. As noted, the food was okay… but stick to the street vendors for the best food.

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