Sep 2007

Thanh Lương – Ho Chi Minh City


August 20, 2007
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Vegetarian

545A Ba Thang Hai Street
District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 088552286
Website: none


Mustard Greens with Bean Curd


Tofu with Lemongrass


Vegetarian Loaf


Canh Chua Chay – Sweet and Sour Soup





I love vegetarian Vietnamese food. My mom got me hooked in high school bringing home vegetarian lunch plates prepared by women at the Buddhist temple every Sunday. I have been on the lookout for vegetarian food in Saigon and am surprised by how uncommon it is, especially considering the large Buddhist population. Eateries that serve workers’ lunches only serve meat-less options during specific days on the Lunar calendar and full-on vegetarian restaurants are few and far between.

I dined at my first vegetarian restaurant the other week when a few vegetarian colleagues from the East Meets West office in Oakland came to town for a visit. Our local colleagues chose Thanh Luong, which is located far enough from our office to warrant a cab ride.

The Astronomer and I left the ordering up to our dining companions, but thoroughly enjoyed their selections. My two favorite dishes were the mustard greens with bean curd and the sweet and sour soup, which contained a plethora of vegetables including okra, tomatoes and mushrooms. The Astronomer fancied the mock chicken and lemongrass tofu.

Although Thanh Luong is a good thirty minute walk from our office, the food is superb so I’ll definitely be returning soon.

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2 thoughts on “Thanh Lương – Ho Chi Minh City

  1. There’s a company based outside Philly that sells tofu & vegetarian meats, including a veggie chicken. Definitely good stuff, so if you move back there, look for that. I think it’s called Nature Soy?

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