Sep 2007

Vietnam Airlines

Remember the mean things I said about United Airline’s food offerings? Well, I take them all back. I would have eaten their humble cuisine any day over the nastiness served up by Vietnam Airlines on our short flights to and from Da Nang.

From Saigon to Da Nang, the snack box contained a pre-fabbed cha lua sandwich, a package of snack mix, and water. The sandwich was smothered in mayonnaise, which grossed The Astronomer and I out completely. To be fair, the bread was sorta kinda whole-wheat-y, which was a nice touch. The snack mix contained savory Captain Crunch, dehydrated peas, and cashews.

While it’s hard to fathom, the food on our flight home was actually worse. We received a pate sandwich with a slice of cucumber and wilted lettuce leaf on a white bun. The Astronomer thought the pate resembled dog food. Neither of us could bring ourselves to take a bite.

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One thought on “Vietnam Airlines

  1. This past May I flew first class on Vietnam airlines from Saigon to Danang, back to Danang and then to Hanoi. Each time the food and service were both quite good. I guess, as with most any other airline the stuff in coach class is not quite as good 🙂 The only I couldn’t bring myself to try was the caviar topped mini-sandwich…I don’t trust caviar on any airline!

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