Dec 2007


While in Phu Quoc, I procured some Vietnamese tamarind candies called me. It was an impulsive junk food purchase, but that’s what vacations are for. I bought a quarter kilogram for 5,000 VND and pretty much finished them the same day because they’re mighty addictive.

The me‘s exterior is covered in coarse sugar crystals and dried chili flakes. The center contains a glossy seed that easily separates from the edible flesh.

The candy initially registers as sweet, but quickly transitions to spicy. The only way to stop my mouth from burning is to pop in another candy to bring my taste buds back to sweet. I guess that’s how I finish them up so quickly!

If you’re a fan of Mexican tamarind candies like Pelon Pelo Rico, this is definitely up your alley.

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5 thoughts on “Me

  1. I LOVE these. I used to buy them at a place in my hometown called the Food Hunter. I’m sure they weren’t at their best, given that they had to be hunted down by someone in my MidSouth city, but I used to eat them compulsively for these same reasons: so sweet and chewy, and then mouth-scorching!

  2. I love me!! brings back many fond memories from my childhood. They’re def very addictive…yumm 🙂

  3. i want some of that me! man i am going to have to buy some the next time we make a trip up to the vietnamese stores.

  4. Hot dog! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my addiction 😉

    tanglethis – you can buy “me” at the Vietnamese grocery store on Washington Avenue and 11th (I think). They come in little plastic boxes and are super cheap. Stock up!

    Tangle, Nhu, Angel Van – do you guys like Haw Flakes too?

  5. i use to love haw flakes when i was a little kid. but haven’t really eaten it since then. but it doesn’t really bring back memories like when i was little.

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