Mar 2008

Au Parc – Ho Chi Minh City


March 12, 2008
Cuisine: French, Mediterranean

23 Han Thuyen Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 8292772
Website: none


Hummus served with crudites, grissini and flat bread (45,000 VND)


Fresh tuna salad with wasabi and ginger mayonnaise on baguette (65,000 VND)


Ham, Cheddar cheese and salad classic on baguette (70,000 VND)


Carrot cheesecake (60,000 VND)


Chocolate nemesis cake (50,000 VND)


Raspberry and apple crumble (50,000 VND)

Au Parc is arguably the most popular expatriate joint in the city. While I usually stick to local Vietnamese eateries that are cheap and good, curiosity sometimes gets the best of me. I visited Au Parc the other week with The Astronomer, Zach and Thomas to try some fish sauce-less offerings from their Mediterranean and North African menu.

Thomas and I shared a serving of hummus to start. The portion was meager and the hummus tasted dangerously average. Although it’s been years since my Swarthmore days, I still compare foods that I encounter to that of my college dining hall. The food at Sharples wasn’t anything special, but because the menu repeated every two weeks for four long years, the flavors are forever seared into my palate. The hummus at Swarthmore’s salad bar had a lot more kick than the one served at Au Parc, which is a shame. The crudités and breadsticks were harmless, while the flat bread was actually quite appealing.

For my entrée, I ordered a “fresh tuna salad with wasabi and ginger mayonnaise on a baguette.” The sandwich was supposed to be served on a house made bagel, but the restaurant was fresh out by the time I dined. However, the baguette made a fine substitution.

Truth be told, I was expecting “fresh” tuna salad (i.e. not Chicken of the Sea) and was disappointed when the sandwich arrived. However, after a couple of bites, I completely adored the creation. The wasabi-tinged fish chunks along with the arugula provided a double punch of wonderful spiciness, while the baguette was moist and substantial. The sandwich was served with a lovely cucumber, tomato and herb salad.

The Astronomer’s ham and cheese sandwich was a bit of a letdown. Each component was humdrum, which resulted in a decent but boring sandwich. Zach’s roast beef and Thomas’ pastrami were more or less the same story.

While the sandwiches can be hit or miss at Au Parc, the desserts are for the most part winners—just don’t pay much attention to the menu descriptions.

Zach’s carrot cheesecake, adorned with an oozy passion fruit syrup, was not so much carroty as orangey.  Although the flavor was completely off, the texture was right on and the graham cracker crust was nice and buttery.

Thomas’ chocolate nemesis cake was a decadent and gooey delight. I stole only a few bites but could have definitely eaten the whole thing solo. If I were on a diet, this cake would totally be my nemesis.

The Astronomer and I shared a raspberry and apple crumble, because raspberries are The Astronomer’s favorite fruit and it’s been ages since he’s enjoyed them. We were disappointed to find that the crumble contained apples and raisins, but no sign of raspberries. Major detail aside, the crumble was warm and tart and paired well with the vanilla ice cream.

Glad I got that out of my system. Now, pass the fish sauce!

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9 thoughts on “Au Parc – Ho Chi Minh City

  1. there are 2 types of ppl I met in VN.
    first one: limit time but financially good.
    the second: limit financially but time…plenty.
    It seems like you have both time and money; lucky you.
    keep on blogging

  2. is it Kalamata Hummus? if so it would be served with warm pita triangles… but I didn’t see the pita triangles in the pix.

  3. Oops — that last comment flew prematurely….

    Anyway, over a fair few visits to Au Parc over the years (my friend down there loves the place), I’ve definitely found their sangers and salads to often flatter to deceive a wee bit. Reading the menu makes you salivate but the end result just doesn’t quite live up to the description. Also a couple of times the breads were a bit stale which is criminal for a gourmet sandwich joint.

    Those desserts look damn tasty mind. Next time I might stick to coffee and cake after some noodles 😉

  4. Bern – I’m lucky indeed! And the hummus was just plain old hummus.

    Teddy – You’re absolutely right! I’m not quite sure why the expats are wild for this place. A Vietnamese banh mi is a fraction of the price and SO much tastier 😉

  5. i used to live in Saigon and on occasion visited Au Parc for lunch. Distinctly average but well priced lunches and the place was always full. It has since had a big price increase across the menu meaning its now distinctly average food with pricey lunches – i think its losing some of the appeal – last time we went it wasn’t that busy.

  6. North African foods in Saigon? Wow, that’s definitely an interesting offer and it shows how much Saigon has changed since I was there last. Everything looks good, but I would have to agree with you in the end…pass the nuoc mam!!!

  7. I used to live in Saigon for 2 years and visited this place quite often: good foods, great service, reasonable price, now I am back to washington DC and can’t find a place like this in this big city. For those who wrote the complain reviews: please give me a break, I bet you can’t even dream of place like that wher you live.

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