Apr 2008

Quizzo I

The first person to correctly guess what this is a picture of wins big dong (and no whammies)…

And the answer is…

Chanh Cam Thảo

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12 thoughts on “Quizzo I

  1. Kumquat in sugar with little strands of cam tha?o ( I don’t know the English translation of this ), may be ?

  2. Cam Thao (derived from Chinese word Gan Cao) is the root of the Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch, commonly termed liquorice root. My parents eat these balls of what I believe to be prune paste and cam thao for medicinal purposes. 🙂 Now that htran has mentioned it, it does look like cam thao with perhaps dried apricot? Hahaha.

  3. Is the background mod? It reminds me of Austin Powers! I’m not very with it, but I guess these type of designs are becoming in again! Don’t know what the fruit is.

  4. Oh, no! Is there no new post today because we didn’t guess right?! I’ve gotten used to waking up every morning with a new food report from VN. Unless Gastronomer has really tiny fingers, that’s probably a dried lime half with cam thao instead of kumquat. Please feed my food porn addiction!

  5. Graham – excellent guess, but no cigar 😉

    RR – you’re getting warmer…

    Htran – you’re getting even warmer…

    foodhoe – Thanks! YM paid me in nail polish a couple summers ago when I was an intern. And the “mod” dress is from Chinatown, HCMC

    SK – What’s in a name?

    yenniet – you’re in the right fruit family…

    Tia – WOOT! Congrats! Click here for your prize!

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