May 2008

Eating in Nha Trang III

On our final day in Nha Trang, we did a bit of sightseeing and mud bathing. We spent the morning hours seeking out the city’s famous giant Buddha, but stumbled upon a small Buddha first.

Fat, peaceful and happy.

We’re getting closer—the giant Buddha from afar.

At last! We found the giant Buddha.

The temple grounds were adorned with signs engraved with the Buddha’s teachings. This one was one of my favorites—speak like the Buddha, think I like Buddha, work like the Buddha.

Before jetting off to the mud baths, we bought some xoi chien to snack on. They were filled with “meat” that resembled the stuff Taco Bell serves up. Texturally interesting, but not all that tasty.

After our therapeutic mud session, we bought some good ‘ol banh mi and swam in the ocean one last time before catching our flight back to Saigon.

For dessert, Matt and I shared a caramel sundae from an ice cream shop by our hotel. The whipped cream tasted like artificial butter flavoring, which we liked a lot.

Just as we landed in Saigon, I received a call from Ba Sau (my grandma’s sister) inviting me over for dinner. When Ba Sau calls, I always oblige. We ate a lotus stem salad with shrimp and pork…

Cha gio...

Xoi gac!

Fried rice…

And chicken curry with rice vermicelli noodles. I am one lucky girl.

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8 thoughts on “Eating in Nha Trang III

  1. Boy, life is tough for you and the Astronomer! Eating more delicious food after a vacation. I actually could smell the curry from the picture ( I have a scratch-and-sniff computer ).
    Tia, save me some bread, OK ?

  2. They don’t mix the nuoc am with sugar, lemon and water in nha trang…so you have to eat everything with nuoc mam in it’s pure form, which is sux.

  3. htran – oops, sorry, i sopped up all the curry with my entire baguette. left the chicken for you, though. 😉

  4. This is the first time I visit your blog and I must say that I’m very impressed with your work. By the way, cha gio is always my favorite food.

  5. Wow – great blog, thats all I got to say – keep up the good work 🙂

  6. you certainly are lucky! the food (well except that thing with the taco meat filling) looks so amazing, wish I had a Ba Sau. The buddhas are all so lovely too.

  7. Can’t believe that you guys were in Nha Trang and missed out on a few things:
    – Nem nuong Cuon
    – Bo Lac Canh: grilled beef (marinaded in chilli sauce).
    – Goi Ca cuon

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