Jun 2008

Black Cat – Ho Chi Minh City

The Team – clockwise from top left – The Gastronomer, Nina, The Astronomer and Hawkins

Ever since I discovered that Black Cat (a local ex-pat haunt) had a 1.4 kilogram burger called The Big Cheese on the menu, I’ve been dying to give it a go. The restaurant’s walls are adorned with pictures of brave eaters who have attempted to down the whole thing solo, but I know my limits, so I came with The Team. It was an average Sunday and we weren’t even planning on ordering The Big Cheese, but after perusing the menu, it seemed like the right thing to do.

The burger is the size of a large dinner plate, made with lean Argentine beef and stacked with four slices of American cheese, six slices of bacon, three tomatoes, one whole onion and butter lettuce. The toasted sesame seed bun is made in-house. To make our task more manageable, the waitress quartered the burger onto separate plates. The Big Cheese definitely looked very impressive, but I was skeptical about how it would taste.

For my first bite, I stretched my mouth ridiculously wide and managed to pull off a clean bite that included every component. I knew instantly that this burger was a winner. The bun was sturdy, the cheese was melt-y, the bacon was crisp, the beef was seasoned beautifully and the onions were lightly sauteed. The Big Cheese is SO good! Hats off to Chef Deetz for managing to super-size while maintaining quality and flavor.

To round out our gluttonous brunch, we also shared a large order of fries because burgers without fries is just plain sad. Although I prefer shoe string fries, these crinkly ones were solid and the accompanying aioli was lovely as well. I cannot wait to eat another Big Cheese. Next time, I’ll attempt to eat half. Wish me luck!

Black Cat
13 Phan Van Dat Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 08 829 2055

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19 thoughts on “Black Cat – Ho Chi Minh City

  1. I read your stuff all the time, but you’ve lost your mind with this one! Kindly desist.

  2. Do tell me it’s better than Burger King’s burger. For some reasons I’ve never liked anything else but Burger King when it comes to buns and chips.

  3. UPDATE: The Black Cat is opening up a branch in An Phu (District 2) and will be having a grand opening on the Fourth of July. The best part is they’ll be holding a Big Cheese eating contest! Sign me up! And Vivian – The Big Cheese is far superior to the Whopper.

  4. Sorry for stepping into the conversation so late. I take umbrage to the comment that “we’re all hams,” Ms. Chopsticks. You’re just jealous cause you’re stuck in SoCal wokking it up…

    And Rick, The Gastronomer’s brain is in her belly; it’s got a mind of its own. And when the belly is jonesin’ for a burger, The Big Cheese does the job.

  5. Hee hee… this is so funny. I’m impressed that you were able to get your mouth around a clean bite. I must say that I didn’t come across this place when I was visiting my family, but my uncle would love it. Whenever we went out to eat with him he wouldn’t want to order Vietnamese food, but loved American noodles aka spaghetti. I don’t know why they call it American noodles?! Do you?

    Thanks and I love reading your blog, it always makes my tummy rumble!

  6. Haha i love the face expression of everyone there in the photo. The burger size is very unique

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  8. It’s posts like that this that make me wish TasteSpotting had never . . . NEVER been revived.

    Why do I care about some lousy burger served in Ho Chi Minh City????

    Besides that, your photos suck.

    Louise (“chiff0nade”)

    Clearwater, Florida … YEAH, that’s in the fucking USA!

  9. Dearest Louise – I’m from the fucking US of A and let me tell you, this burger is SO American it hurts. Bookmark me, k? XO, Gastronomer

  10. OMG, that thing is huge.. I would like to see my brother chew a burger of that size down.. he has always bragged about he once ate 3 big mac menus, a couple of hamburger + dessert AND still be hungry after that!? how can a boy like him eat so much and still be thin and has, from a girl’s point of view, long enviable lean legs?
    maybe he should join your team The Gastronomy 😛

  11. Black Cat sucks!! Both the service & the burger! Go try the Burger Corner (District 1)and see the huge difference for yourself!!

  12. Over the last year I’ve tried the Black Cat about 3 times. I’m sad to say that I was disappointed after hearing lots of hype about it being a “world class” burger. Maybe I’m just home sick for California but the cat is using up it’s nine live with me.

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