Jul 2008

Mang Inasal

After our awesome day-trip to Tagatay, we arrived back in Manila beat, stinky, dirty and hungry, so we didn’t stray far from our hotel for dinner. The Astronomer, Nina and I dined at a fast food-style joint called Mang Inasal on Makati, while Cathy took her meal back to the hotel. Here’s a heartwarming blurb from the restaurant’s website.

Mang Inasal endeavors to adhere to elements that bear a distinctively Pinoy stamp—grilling with charcoal, rice wrapped in banana leaves, a marinade concocted out of local spices and herbs, bamboo sticks for skewers, and the ambience that encourages kinamot (the Ilonggo term in eating with the hands) whenever chicken inasal is served. All these evoke a rush of nostalgia for tradition, culture, and most of all, Home.

The protocol here is order at the counter, pay, take a number and the food is delivered when it’s ready. Just like at Rubio’s!

Nina ordered Paa with Rice—grilled chicken (leg and thigh) with white rice and a kalamnsi. This is referred to as a Paborito Meal on the menu, which I assume is comparable to a Western value meal.

The Astronomer also ordered a Paborito Meal—Pork Inasal with Rice. The meat wasn’t super-tender, but it was very satisfying and well-seasoned. The flavors reminded me of Korean barbecue. Charcoal grilling imparts of a lovely smoky taste upon the meat.

The best perk of the Paborito Meals is unlimited rice! One was enough for Nina, but The Astronomer demanded seconds. There is an employee at Mang Inasal whose sole job is to provide rice refills. After he scooped a fresh ball of rice onto The Astronomer’s plate, he said something like, “here is your second rice, and it is free!” He cracked us up.

The Astronomer and Nina shared a side of Krispy Kangkong—deep fried river spinach with a mayonnaise dip. Definitely not up my alley (I prefer my vegetables honest), but The Astronomer and Nina seemed to like it fine.

In the mood for something sweet, I decided to try one of Mang Inasal’s dessert offerings. After grilling the woman working behind the counter on her favorite sweet on the menu, I settled on the Saging Melt. The Saging Melt, which was comprised of shaved ice, topped with bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, was a huge let down. The ice cream was good enough, but the bananas’ texture was horrendous (I’m pretty sure they were frozen for months prior to being served) and the shaved ice was just strange. Boo.

Mang Inasal
Villa Building, Jupiter Street, Makati City 1207
Phone: (632) 890-2442

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5 thoughts on “Mang Inasal

  1. gastronomer and everybody,
    next time y’all in the philippines, please do try “ANDOK’S LITSON MANOK”, definitely better, if not the best, roast chicken in the Philippines. you’all will not be disappointed. and Thanks for appreciating Filipino food, your Blog Rules.
    dont forget the sauce for Litson Manok! =D

  2. I am definitely trying Mang Inasal on my next visit to the Philippines. I wonder if this is as good (or better than?) as Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

  3. last week opening sa mang inasal sa manggahan. gen. trias cavite. we consider na mabagal dahil maraming customer. pero ngayon aug.8 sunday at 6pm nag complain kami sa cashier, crew, last to the manager. inabot po kami nang isa kalahating oras. ang sabi nang cashier iba daw order namin kasi pasalubong. ang manager naman na ibigay daw sa iba, sabi ko sang manager . anong classing systema ninyo.? hinde nila i check ang resibo.sana mg take action sila

  4. Aching to eat the best tasting chicken inasal?
    You should be at LAI GARDEN MIXED FLAVORS AND TREATS at Gaisano Capital South, Cebu City…..there you will savour the greatest chicken inasal in the philippines if not in asia!!! super yummy!!! p99 unlimited rice with pancit canton and dessert…talagang super sulit!!!!

  5. Inasal, is one of the dirtiest fastfoods in manila.
    You’ll never out of Inasal Jupiter st without smelling like grilled chicken.

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