11 thoughts on “Quizzo IV

  1. Dude, I just learned about something cool and science-y relating to ear wax. So there is a single nucleotide polymorphism (a type of mutation) in a single gene that causes “dry earwax.” It’s really rare in Caucasian populations but its in like 80% of Asians. Do you think it has anything to do with ear picks? Maybe q-tips just don’t cut it for people with dry earwax?


  2. gas•tron•o•my readers are genius! Woot! Before posting this Quizzo, I quizzed The Astronomer who was totally clueless and declared it the toughest Quizzo to date. I guess his mom didn’t meticulously remove his WET ear wax while growing up! I used to ball my eyes out when my mom scraped my ears with the tiny “ladles.”

    xxii – Congratulations! Collect your prize here.

    Aariq – That is my favorite fact of the month! I am going to share it with everyone I know (that I wanna gross out). On a few occasions I’ve tried using Q-Tips on my ears after showering, but the scoops are so much more effective. I definitely think that this tool came about due to the occurrence of dry ear wax.

    Everyone – Thanks for playing! Here’s a small bit of dong because the economy is tough these days.

  3. YES! Dry vs. wet earwax. 🙂 Has anyone else noticed that Caucasian ear wax also tends to be more reddish/ orange colored while the drier Asian ear wax is pale flesh/ light brown colored?

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