Jan 2009

Euro Pane Bakery – Pasadena

After learning the bread making ropes under the tutelage of Nancy Silverton at La Brea Bakery, Sumi Chang opened Euro Pane Bakery in Pasadena. Even though Euro Pane has been around for over a decade, an empty table is still hard to come by once the weekend rolls around. Locals seem to really enjoy lounging here over a cup of coffee and the morning paper while their dogs nip at their toes.

My friend Laurie and I snagged an al fresco table when we brunched here a couple of Sundays back. Laurie’s been a fan of Euro Pane ever since she moved into town, and was excited to introduce me to one of her favorite local spots.

In addition to classic baked goods like croissants, fruit tarts and natural yeast breads, Euro Pane serves up a selection of gourmet made-to-order sandwiches.

Based on Laurie’s glowing recommendation, I ordered the opened-face egg salad sandwich on rosemary currant bread ($7). Each slice of bread was schmeared with a terrifically tart sun dried tomato pesto and topped with mixed baby greens and a mound of gooey egg salad. The sandwich was sprinkled with crushed black pepper and freshly chopped chives. What made the egg salad spectacular were the soft-boiled yolks—this slight variation made a tremendous difference in the salad’s overall taste and texture. The egg salad was pleasantly creamy and combined just right so that the eggs and dressing retained their distinct characteristics.

This one get’s my vote for the best non-banh mi sandwich.

Laurie ordered a tomato and feta sandwich with basil pesto, balsamic vinegar and mixed baby greens on ciabatta ($6.75). Each and every one of the sandwich’s components was as fresh as can be—the bread was crusty and sturdy, while the feta was assertively flavorful. The pesto melded beautifully with the vegetables and cheese.

We finished with caramel and sea salt macarons, which were delightful. Laurie thought that the macarons were slightly off on our visit, but there were no complaints from this camp—just lots of pleasant chews. However, we both agreed that it would’ve been nice if the sea salt crystals were spread evenly throughout the macaron rather than concentrated in the center.

After such a great experience at Euro Pane with Laurie, The Astronomer and I stopped in for a quick snack the following weekend. We shared a pear puff pastry ($3.75) that was too cold for The Astronomer’s tastes and too mild for my bold-flavor-craving self. A rare miss in a sea of hits.

Euro Pane Bakery
950 E. Colorado Blvd., Ste. 107
Pasadena, CA 91106
Phone: 626-577-1828

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7 thoughts on “Euro Pane Bakery – Pasadena

  1. I went there with some friends last year and got really excited when I saw the french macarons. I got the sea salt caramel one as well and didn’t even realize there was a small smattering of sea salt on it because they gave it to me upside down. I found it too sweet and when I figured out there was sea salt to cut the sweetness, I wished they had sprinkled the salt all over! I guess it doesn’t look as pretty that way. =)

  2. I went there with a friend once when it was brand new – no one was there. It was so pleasant to have a croissant and coffee and watch the traffic without feeling rushed or crushed. I’m delighted to hear it’s still going strong.

    The parking used to be a bear – I hope they figured that out. If you like croissant, go up Lake to Washington Blvd and turn right. Almost to the intersection with Altadena Drive, on the right, there used to be a wonderful Armenian bakery.

    It’s very birthday-cake oriented, but on Saturday mornings you can buy a croissant (one with salty goat cheese or one with sweet almond paste – I preferred cheese) that is really, really tasty. It’s crispy on the outside and hot and chewy inside. Also, they run out. Get there early. Also, they’re not what you’d call super-friendly. Nice enough – nice by New York standards.

    These are different from Euro-pane, but I’m curious what you’ll think. They sell cookies, too, and the cookies are cheap! So if you need a platter of cookies for an easy dessert or for students or something, these are great. I used to get two dozen little baklava-type cookies for about $20.

  3. oh my that is some serious food porn! that egg salad looks fantastic, although I squinted at the description of the bread having currants in it…

  4. That Egg Salad SW is The Best!! You can get it with different bread if you wish.

    Go in the morning for the best & freshest selection.

  5. That is the greatest looking egg salad sandwich I have ever seen. If I’m ever in Pasadena, I’m going. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Euro Pane is very unassuming, both in store front and location, but it’s a real gem. My favorite place in Pasadena.

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