Apr 2009

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream – San Francisco

Fried Chicken Thursday at Magnolia Pub and Brewery was immediately followed by ice cream for grownups at Humphry Slocombe in The Mission.

Humphry Slocombe was one of two standout San Francisco ice cream shops that Jon, The Gourmet Pig, recommended to me. “Humphry Slocombe and Bi-rite Creamery both make excellent ice cream. Humphry Slocombe makes slightly more off-beat flavors, like foie gras and other such things. They’re both in the mission, so why not try them both?”

Now, that’s the mentality of a serious eater.

I wanted to sample the goods at both shops, but the pack of boys I was dining with weren’t nearly as ambitious or curious as I was, so I had to settle on one. Since unique always trumps normal in my world; I went with Humphry Slocombe.

The flavors at Humphry Slocombe rotate daily with about ten to twelve varieties on offer each day. Jake Godby, the mastermind behind the shop, is “not afraid of salt or assertive flavors” and challenges ice cream-goers with flavors like strawberry candied jalapeño, pistachio-bacon, and government cheese.

After a handful of samples, including an odd tasting balsamic caramel, The Astronomer and I settled on a scoop of honey thyme and another of kumquat-poppy seed ($3.25). I loved how each of the flavors were bold, clear, and distinct—the experience was more reminiscent of eating premium gelato than ice cream.

Humphry Slocombe’s ice cream is so daring and different that only a fraction of the twelve flavors on hand struck me as truly delicious. Even so, I’d take a maverick (ha!) ice cream shop over the standard thirty-one flavors any day.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream
2790 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-550-6971

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9 thoughts on “Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream – San Francisco

  1. You are in San Francisco?! Have you gone to Lahore Karahi yet??? YOU MUST GO. It is the most delicious Pakistani/Indian restaraunt. It’s in the tenderloin. I highly recommend the shahi korma.

    Also, while you are in the Bay, you should splurge and go to Jo’s Sushi in Pleasant Hill. It is my favorite sushi place by far (although there are probably some pretty awesome places in the city that I haven’t been to).

    I am jealous!

  2. I have had a couple flavors of Humphry Slocombe (I just love the stuffy old man name too), but haven’t been to the actual storefront. I am so curious about the government cheese flavor… The Vietnamese blue bottle coffee is amazing too. Glad you are getting out and pointing out these places here that I have yet to try!

  3. Aariq – Thank you very much for your recs, but I’m back in L.A. now. The next time I’m in The Bay Area I’d like to give Lahore Karahi a try.

    Foohoe – I love the name too. It just rolls off the tongue—Humprey Slocombe! FYI: the place is named after two characters from the British TV show “Are You Being Served?”

    TikiChick – There is plenty of chicken tiki masala for you to eat in S.F. 😉

  4. My friends rave about the “Secret Breakfast” at Humphry Slocombe – it’s bourbon + corn flakes!!!

    Next time you and the Astronomer are up here, do the HS/Bi-Rite comparo!

  5. yey! i’ll be in SF for 10 days starting july 2 and i will be hitting HS, Bi-Rite, taylor’s in napa, maybe delfina, and just basically getting my grub on for 10 straight days. i wish i could eat 5 meals a day… i am already starting my fast in preparation…

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