16 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went to El Mercat

  1. Maybe the Manager hates Asians. That’s probably why Chef Fong left!

  2. I’m sure you have a list of places you want to eat at but two highlights from my trip two years ago were Pinotxo (in the Merkat de Sant Josep – aka Boqueria food market) for an amazing squid and garbanzo dish (we got there late and they were sold out of everything else) and Cal Pep (Placa de les Olles, 8) for really great seafood. If you need more ideas, I used Maribel’s guide to Barcelona (http://maribelsguides.com/mg_barcelona-03-09.pdf) to start my research and found it to be really helpful. As an office drone, looking forward to posts about your trip.

  3. That’s Placa de les Olles, 8. Do not go looking for Placa de les Olles, sunglassed smiley guy – you will not like what you find…

  4. Thank you, Matt! We had the squid and chickpea dish yesterday! Loved it so much! We’re currently in San Sabastian and will be returning to Barcelona for one more day before flying out. I hope we can fit Cal Pep in.

  5. Sister,
    Cal Pep sucks. It is the Spanish Seafood version of Peter Luger’s and steaks, but not as good. If you do go there, the only thing good is the raw bar and you need to sit at the bar.

    Enjoy Arzak and Alejandro.

  6. Brother Gastronomy,
    I’ll definitely agree that Cal Pep gets a lot of press but I’ve never heard one bad thing about it. I’d say Swan Oyster Depot in SF is a better comparison – well known and pretty universally loved. My meal there (out of only 5 or 6 in Barcelona so, certainly not a local’s perspective) was really good and memorable – which for me is a good sign. I don’t really remember a raw bar and seating is pretty much only at the long counter so, is it possible that we’re thinking of different places?

  7. Don’t miss Dos Cielos at the ME Hotel. Run by the Torres brothers. And for tapas, go to Taller de Tapas in Argenteria, El Born

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