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GIVEAWAY: L.A. Street Food Fest Tix

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After the tremendous popularity of the inaugural L.A. Street Food Fest last February [read full recap here], Shawna Dawson and Sonja Rasula are returning with an all-new Summer Tasting Event on Saturday, July 24 at the Rose Bowl.

Enjoy sampling signature bites from more than 60 vendors including hot gourmet food trucks, old school carts and stands, celebrity chefs, and some of the city’s best restaurants. Additionally, there will be open bars and beer gardens to keep festival-goers hydrated and happy with cold suds, delicious cocktails, tequila tastings, juices, and more. For a full list of participating vendors, check out the lengthy list here.

L.A. Street Food Fest Tix Giveaway

Fellow street food lovers, I invite you to join me at the L.A. Street Food Fest. I have TWO all-inclusive general admission tickets to give away to ONE lucky gas•tron•o•my reader. To qualify for the giveaway, please leave a comment with your name and email address in the appropriate fields, and your answer to the following question: What’s the greatest street food you’ve ever eaten? Only one entry per person, please. I’ll be using a random number generator to choose the winner. All entries must be received by Friday, July 9, 2010 at midnight PST. Good luck!

[All-inclusive tickets are available online now through the L.A. Street Food Fest website and Eventbrite. General admission tickets are $45, VIP tickets are $65. No tickets will be sold at the door.]

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200 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: L.A. Street Food Fest Tix

  1. Hi, my most favorite street food is in Seoul, Korea where they serve freshly made ho-tteok with deliciously sweet, honey & cinnamon filling that gets messy but is totally worth the sticky hands after.

  2. Discovering just how good the cheap “egg on a roll” is in NY.

    It’s their version of a breakfast burrito and it’s good!

  3. The tamale lady in San Francisco. Mostly it was a timing thing. I’m not sure that we ever ate those sober…

  4. Chao nian gao on the streets of Shanghai — for $1.50, you had the best dinner of stir-fried, savory rice cake noodles topped with chili flakes and rich in garlic 🙂

  5. Had a delicious chicken pita halal plate in New York. Just a random cart in New York but so delicious. Looking forward to a new favorite.

  6. The greatest street food I’ve ever eaten is in night market in Taiwan. I have to many favorite items to pick just one out. My top 3 favorite street food are stinky tofu, grilled Taiwanese sausage, and oyster thin noodle. I’m getting so hungry just thinking about it right now!

  7. I’m not as lucky as many of you who has traveled to so many yummy food destinations. The best street food I’ve had so far is from a food truck that used to be stationed in front of the Freshia Market (now Zion) in Tustin, CA. The old couple makes delicious hotteok. It is a pancake like dessert that is fill with brown sugar, cinnamon, and some sort of ground nuts in the middle. I love it fresh from the griller. Too bad they no longer sell them there. I think they moved to greener pastures to sell their delicious treats.

  8. Easy: Wishing Well Shave Ice, Kauai. The shave ice itself is very good, but it’s unbeatable when your bathing suit is damp with sea water and the palm trees are moving slowly in the trade winds.

  9. Korean blood sausage – oh my goodness. The snap and the flavors of the glass noodles = awesome at 1 am.

  10. 53rd & 6th halal cart, new york city, SE corner (daytime); SW corner (8pm – 5am). chicken & lamb combo plate drizzled with lots of white sauce and a few generous drops of red sauce.

  11. I thought this would be hard, but really it’s not…

    Best street food = any street vendor in Vietnam, since most everything is run on the street anyway right? Hahah dang I miss the food there so much :/

  12. My favorite street food has to be the “danger dogs”… also known as the bacon wrapped hotdogs that can be found at 2am in front of most bars/clubs in LA. You don’t know where they came from… but they taste amazing~~ a perfect end to any night out.

  13. Crepes in Paris! Both savory and sweet. Cheese & mushrooms. Nutella & bananas. MMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  14. there is this snack in taiwan where they take a thin bing or crepe, then they scrap shavings of sweet peanut brittle from a huge block of peanut brittle onto the bing and then top it off with scoops of ice cream wrapped up into a kind of ice cream egg roll. it is delicious, so hard to find and perfect for Taiwan’s steamy weather

  15. Definitely the buñuelos de bacalao that I got to eat in La Boqueria in Barcelona. Yum!

  16. grilled lamb kabobs on the streets of Beijing. They are smokey and grilled with a delicious cumin and chili powder seasoning – a perfect snack when you’re wandering the streets! The vendors fan the grills with their large palm leaf fans. oh the memories.

  17. I’d have to say the bacon wrapped hot dog (danger dogs, etc) carts. The epitome of LA late night eats. There is something so comforting about coming out of a bar/club and find the smell of hot dogs, grilled onions and peppers wafting your way. LOVE IT.

  18. I loved the skewers of stinky tofu in Hong Kong. It was just so fun to stumble upon the cart after a long afternoon of shopping. Also, the street foods in Hong Kong as so few and far between that it felt like such a find!

  19. The best street food I ever had was from what is probably the capital of street food, Taipei, Taiwan. After language class in the afternoon, my friends and I would cross the street to the spring onion pancake cart, for a freshly fried egg on top of a crispy and fragrant, doughy onion pancake. On top of that steaming goodness, we’d squeeze bottles of oyster sauce and Sriracha, then a dash of soy sauce. MMMmmm!

  20. Marlin taquitos from Mariscos Ruben in TJ. You know the one! 😉

    gourmetpigs at gmail dot com
    as for my name, i think you know it hehe

  21. Bag of little rolls filled with red bean/nuts on the FREEWAY in Korea. Stuck in traffic next to a guy who makes them. a bag for a dollar!

  22. My favorite street food would have to be LA hotdogs wrapped in bacon. 🙂

    I also like horchata and tamales from our fair LA streets as well.

  23. In Florence, there’s a hole in the wall called “i Fratellini”, which is a literal hole in the wall in one of the passages off of one of the downtown piazzas. For $3, you get a delicious glass of prosecco and a truffle, carciofi (artichoke), goat cheese panino, grilled on the spot. You are amongst people from all walks of life and it’s hard not to overindulge.

  24. Best street food is just about anything in Thailand in my opinion. But, I love the noodle soup at the stand across from my dive shop in Khao Lak, Thailand. It’s only open in the evening, but it’s so delicious.

    SOOOO yum. Now I want it. Gee thanks. 😀

  25. My most memorable street food expierence was the Halal truck in NYC. The one in midtown near the Hilton. Amazing.

  26. I am slightly obsessed with elote. A huge cob of corn slathered with butter and mayo, and topped with cotija cheese and chile powder- all for a dollar!? Yum.

  27. The greatest street food I’ve ever eaten was Fried Rice Cake with Egg (banh bot chien) and sugar cane juice with Kum Quat(nuoc mia) at the mall (Thuong xa Tam Da)in Vietnam!

  28. I once ran into a man selling seasoned corn from a cart. For $1 I got a corn with 8 toppings on it (butter, seasonings, lime, cheese, etc.). I really wish he’d come back; those things usually cost $5 at fairs (and I don’t eat it often enough to warrant buying all the seasonings and making it myself).

  29. My favorite streetfood is ANYTHING i can get from a booth at a Vietnamese Culture Festival (like the Annual Tet Festival on Bolsa). I especially LOVE BBQ pork on a stick.

  30. Chinese egg crepe/pancake (jianbing gouzi) tied with breakfast tofu in China 😉

  31. Best street food I’ve had are the fried scorpions on a stick in Beijing China!

  32. Don Chow Tacos Kung Pao Chicken Taco’s and they have to be ‘LA Style’ With the Bacon and caramelized onions. DAMN Now I want about 10 of them!

  33. On a trip to Arenal in Costa Rica, we stopped at a little shack on the side of the road and had chicken with rice. It was about as simple as can be, but had the most amazing flavors I’ve ever experienced.

  34. My most memorable street food experience is eating crepes with sugar in Paris.

  35. There used to be this Chinese food cart outside the hospital in New Haven where doctors go for lunch. For less than $5, you could get the most delicious chicken, rice, and vegetables (and a drink) I’ve ever had.

  36. Greatest street food? There are so many! Which one to choose…? The halal cart in NYC? Ricky’s fish tacos in LA? Stinky tofu in Taiwan?

    I CAN’T DECIDE! They’re all great.

  37. Probably have to be street tacos from Tijuana, Mexico at 8am. Who sets up shop so early, and can still say they have such good quality?

  38. Tijuana. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon w/ sour cream and jalapenos. We called them cat dogs. Not sure I ever ate one sober.

  39. My fav. street food was probably the carne asada torta in TJ. Made to order, it was fresh, big and only $3

  40. A lot of exotic things people have eaten, but my favorite is still the lengua tacos (with spicy sauce) at El Taquito Mexicano in Pasadena.

  41. Best street food ever was falafel in the Marais area of Paris. I remember it was overflowing with deliciousness–including eggplant, which was an unexpected addition. I still have dreams about it!

  42. Oh maaan, I’ve never been to the street food festival but I really wanna go… reading all these makes my mouth water 🙁
    Best I’ve tasted is carne asada… mmmmmmm ^.^

  43. Hot vit lon w/ rau ram & a little bit of salt & pepper in my family’s hometown in VN. Yum, need to go down to Bolsa & buy me some baby duck eggs…

  44. Darjeeling, West Bengal: Veggie momo dumplings served hot and fresh on newspapers!

  45. beef short ribs and kimchee from the korean food truck at chestnut and 38th steet, in philadelphia

  46. Hands down the best street food is in Asia. Especially Vietnam and Hong Kong. The pastries that deep fried in front of you in Hong Kong and the noodle soup in Vietnam.

  47. I have no clue what it was called but when I was staying in Valladolid in Mexico a couple years ago I ate what could best be described as a crispy crepe, rolled to look like a taquito and filled with a sweet cheese. No one knew what it was called, but everyone that ate one thought it was amazing.

  48. Smazeny Syr–or fried cheese–from most street stands in Prague. It’s even better when you luck out with smazeny hermelin–fried brie cheese–served on a bun with a variety of sauces…delcious!!

  49. super early morning on a NY street corner — vietnamese rice vermicelli with veggies in a hot pepper oil!

  50. Mumbai, India. In a random street alley called ‘Khau Galli.’ Maggie noodle dosa, amazing! A dosa is an Indian crepe of sorts made with rice and lentils. Usually it is served with potatoes, but in this case a street vendor served it with maggie noodles inside of it, instant spicy, tangy noodles. Sort of like ramen noodles but way better and tangier! So basically, a spicy noodle crepe. yumm.

  51. in korea:fresh hotteuk
    in la: empanandas from the truck on wilshire and vermont (only at night)
    in france: fresh crepes filled with marron!
    in japan: takoyaki
    in nyc: halal cart combo meat over rice with tonssss of white sauce…

  52. I can’t give you any names of what I tried but I loved all the street food I tried in Thailand.

  53. Delicious crepe with Nutella from a cart on the steps near the Trocadero Metro stop in Paris.

  54. The best ever was a fried snicker bar at a street fair in Tampa, Florida! I know it sounds disgusting, and it kind of is, but it was the best thing I ever tasted!

  55. The breakfast burrito from the roach coach that would stop by where i used to work.

  56. hands down, it has to be PHO! only in vietnam can you sit down on a little plastic chair and enjoy a piping hot noodle soup literally on the street.

  57. I remember when I lived in Germany getting the Currywurst from the various Wurst stands. So very tasty. Locally points have to go out to Nana Queens and their amazing Banana Pudding.

  58. Hands down, bar none – the ‘chiang mai sausage’ found in the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Imagine a sausage with all the singature thai flavors – kaffir lime, lemongrass, chilis, etc. Dee-lish! I’ve found it here at the Silom Thai Market on Hollywood blvd. in Thai town – there is a restaurant that delivers prepared foods for purchase on the weekends. Try it!

  59. i’d have to agree w/ yijiun. the hodduk is so damn delicious…warm, sweet, and cheap! course, it’s hard to beat a san diego taco truck like germans too…

  60. While the hodduk is delicious, my favorite street food has to be the other south korean staple: dduk bokk ki. Spicy rice cakes that are steaming and simmering in a deliciously spicy chili paste sauce with onions, cabbage and egg? YES PLEASE. Especially after you stumble out of a bar/club/karaoke studio.

  61. The best Street food i’ve ever eaten was a sea food salad in Nayarit Mexico. right off the beach. it consisted of raw fish, gigantic scallops, shrimp and octopus cooked in lime juice, with cucumber, onion, green chile rounds and soysauce.

  62. Takoyaki in Osaka. LOVE the fish flakes and sauce and watching them being made!!! one of my fave things to do is people watching on a bench and munchin on takoyaki on dotonbori street!

  63. I have to say – because of the time waiting for it, and the chef who was behind it – LFC, or the Ludo Fried Chicken from the first LA Street Food Fest. I think it was also my bf’s and my first date – so it was overall a good day – despite the 3.5 hour wait time.

  64. Streets of Mexico City, 4 a.m., the best quesadilla I have EVER had. The cook threw a bunch of cheese on the grill, alone! Cheese straight on the grill! It melted beautifully and then he put it in a tortilla and made the BEST quesadilla ever!!!!!!!

  65. The greatest street food i’ve ever eaten: Charcoal Grilled Squids w/ green papaya/mango’relish’&’spicy’seasalt in Thailand! i still remember the ultra tasty bites to this day!

  66. Tofu banh mi!!!! Sweet, spicy, salty, tangy…all in an amazing bread, OMG!!!! (Oh, and I’d also have to say the red velvet cookies from The Sweet Truck!!!)

  67. Any Los Angeles streetdog cart near Exposition Park. Bacon-wrapped dogs smell incredible, sizzle unbelievable, and taste like pork heaven.

  68. Usually, I would pick something of exotic flavor or with an eclectic flare, but I would be lying, because the truth is, that, one of the greatest street foods I have tasted, hail right here from my hometown streets of Los Angeles, and that is ELOTES!Simplicity at its best. Nothing to special, yet the result is nothing short of amazing 🙂 (At least in my opinion.) Typically(although sometimes they come in a cup,or you can just buy them from a person selling them in downtown or even out of their car),a woman or man will come around town with a horn screaming ELOTES! ELOTES! and while you’re inside your house going about your business, you hear this horn, and run outside. They pretty much summon you to come out for some corn. haha…after the initial chatter, they ask you what you want; of course you tell them…I want that there ELOTE!…. then they shove a wooden stick through the core of the corn, baste it with mayonesa (Mayo), sprinkle some mexican cheese(cotija), add a squirt of lemon, and the optional chili powder:D After exchanging a dollar fifty for your corn, you take a grand bite and all the juice from the corn get mixed together with all the condiments and can I just say – pure glory in your mouth 😀 I love Elotes. 😀

  69. nom nom- pretty much any street food is tasty street food.
    the best is when you least expect it- you’re hungry and it magically appears at just the right moment!

  70. I once had a falafel on the streets of New York City…was made even better by the atmosphere!!

  71. at the city of west hollywood book fair around 3 years ago, there was a stand selling japanese filled pastries called imagawa-yaki. it was like two tiny pancakes sandwiching azuki bean mush filling and it was simply to die for. they had a storefront for awhile in beverly hills but it closed before i was ever able to make it there. so good. nom nom nom nom

  72. Is it wrong that I LOVE Eat Phamish’s steak Banh Mi? Why am I asking, I don’t care. 🙂

  73. OH my this is soo exciting! Thank you! I would have to say my favorite street food is the real O.G. – the street taco. Stopped by taco zone in echo park the other night and the al pastor blew my mind. I grew up on this kind of food and it will forever have a special place in my heart. DEEELISH!

  74. I love The Grilled Cheese Truck’s grilled cheeses! Nom nom nom so delicious~

  75. My absolute FAVE street food thus far has to be the amazing shrimp quesadillas we found in Puerto Vallarta just a few streets in from the beach.

  76. When I was little my parents would drag me out of bed early Sunday mornings to the farmers market to buy our weekly produce. My sweet reward was a golden honey stick ripe from the hands of our local honey vendor. Nothing like a natural sweetener to brighten the last day of the weekend.

  77. Tripe sandwich was definitely the greatest street food experience I’ve ever had. Not because it tasted amazing, in fact it was quite the opposite, but because I had to force down 2/3 of the spongy, foul nastiness with a smile due to the owner continually quizzing me about how good it was while friends tried really hard not to burst out laughing.

  78. the greatest street food i’ve ever eaten is from back East in New Jersey at the Rutgers grease trucks! Take the Fat Boodah [sic]: cheeseburger, pork roll, fried egg, french fries, all topped with lettuce, tomato, mayo & ketchup. Vegetarian fatty? Try the Veggie Indian with falafel, mozzarella sticks, french fries, marinara and hot sauce. While I’m not sure I’m capable of consuming an entire one of these sandwiches in a single sitting, I’ve sampled quite a few and I think the Fat Fellatio is my favorite (not just for the name, pervs). It has cheese steak, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, bacon, and honey mustard. Fatty delight!!

  79. the best stret food is ANY street food…but def classic DIRTY WATER HOT DOG from NYC.

  80. im a sucker for anything fried-which is why i love a fresh churros, fried twinkie & oreos from any cart, stand or store!

  81. ACARAJE in Bahia, Brazil. A-MA-ZING! Had to get it wherever I saw it. Spicy, fried vacation goodness. It’s worth traveling to Bahia. Believe it!

    “Acaraje is a ball made with peeled and mashed black-eyed peas fried in dende oil, served split in half and filled with pimenta (a spicy sauce made from malagueta peppers), vatapa (a yellow paste made with manioc flower, dried prawns, coconut milk and again dende oil) and caruru (a greenish sauce which contains okra, onions, cashew nuts and yes you guessed it! Dende oil).”

  82. The best street food I’ve ever eaten is in Hong Kong. They have these little food carts in the alley and they have the best fried fish balls.

  83. Hands down the best street food I have ever had was the green papaya and jerky salad on the streets of Saigon, Vietnam. So refreshing and delicious on a hot summer day!

    Street food is one of my first loves so hopefully I can attend this amazing event! Thanks!

  84. My favorite street food is the Hot Nuts that you can only get in NYC. I have tried to get anything close to that and it’s never the same. They are amazing!

  85. The best street food I’ve had were oyster omelettes in various parts of Taiwan. Hot and eggy and doughy. Mmmmm.

  86. Fish tacos I got off a cart in Ensenada. They were the best I’ve ever eaten!

  87. Before I had to stop eating meat, the bacon-wrapped hot dogs sold after USC games near the Coliseum in Exposition Park were definitely my favorite. I still dream about them at times.

  88. In Paris, a street vendor served roasted lamb, cooked on a spit, served on pita with amazing french fries.

  89. I’ve eaten many exotic foods, on and off the street, but my favorite is still those sugar-roasted almond vendors in New York. They taste pretty good, sure, but they really light up the New York air with that amazing caramelized sugar scent.

  90. The greatest street food I have ever eaten is in Jakarta, Indonesia from a man who made the BEST fried bananas… best part? He freshly hand-dipped and hand-battered the bananas and inserted his own freekn’ hand in the hot oil… crazy or just down right not sanitary? WHO CARES, only he can make the best fried bananas in all of Southeast Asia!!

  91. Of course, I love my hood’s own, La Estrella, in Highland Park. However, for this occasion, I must say that I vividly remember walking home at 4AM (and tipsy) in Barcelona and looking over at a man selling doner kababs on the street. My prefrontal cortex couldn’t fight my want. My conscience told me to avoid it, but my heart told me to live in the moment. I gave in. I had a cheap cold beer to seal the deal. It’s been one of my most memorable food experiences.

  92. Pommes frites with mayonnaise and falafel in Amsterdam! But I need to try more!!

  93. The best street food I ever had was at a Sicilian Christmas festival–straight from the fry, a pastry filled with sweet ricotta. YUM!

  94. Grilled squid wrapped around chopsticks covered in curry powder in Shanghai. Tender, spicy, $0.10. Amazing, couldn’t stop eating them.

  95. Rumali roti (huge, extremely thin tortillas) with juicy chicken kababos with exotic spices, onions, chillies and tomotoes in Delhi, India…still looking for the same taste here in the US for over 20 years!!!

  96. Cemitas with chipotle and Memelitas with green sauce. Catering truck near Cinco puntos/5 points in east L.A.

  97. Current streetfood fave – Pan De Sal sliders from THE MANILA MACHINE! Yahooie!

  98. dessert carts in Vietnam. Bo bia ngot in Ha Noi! It’s a wrapped thin crepe with shredded coconut and a sugar cane crunchy layer inside.

  99. Shawarma from assorted street-meat vendors in midtown new york for lunch, most for sure.

  100. When I was little and still living back home in Indonesia, there’s a street near where we lived where both sides of the street was packed with vendors.

    One of my (and my brother’s) favorite was the Fried Duck stand.
    They marinated the duck in this yellow colored (probably spices and cumin and whatnot), and then they deep fried it a giant wok filled with boiling oil. The duck came out this yellowish golden color with super crispy skin on the outside and a moist and tender dark meat inside.

    I’ve never had anything like that since I move here. And thinking about it is the only thing that makes me miss home.

  101. I think that my most memorable street food comes from my youth and I was visiting relatives in Taiwan. So many choices were available but in the heat of the summer, nothing else will satisfy my but a bao bing or Taiwanese Shaved ice.. my favorite combination is peanut, rice ball, red bean topped with simple syrup and condensed sweet milk.

  102. Definitely martabak manis from the streets of Jakarta – thick sweet pancake layered with butter, crushed peanuts, choc sprinkles, condensed milk, sesame seeds, and cheese. Total indulgence.

  103. In the south of France, there’s a little beach town called Juan Les Pins. It’s not as famous or as flashy as its neighbors – Nice, Cannes and St. Tropez. The food is mostly pizzerias, the draw is the beach. But there is (or used to be) a little crepe stand that was owned by Grand Marnier. When you ordered a crepe avec Grand Marnier, they handed you a large bottle of Grand Marnier and said “Help yourself.” That was awesome.

  104. I’m a fruit & veggie nerd. Downtown LA has carts that sell chopped up fruits & veggies in a bag, so I always get those when I’m in the area. And I like to pour some sauce over ’em 🙂

  105. Born and raised in the depths of East L.A., I have been called a “rotten banana” due to the combination of my ethnic background and upbringing in this heavily Hispanic community. I stay true to the authentic Mexican tacos that come out here only at night. Literally nestled on the street in-between cars, these tacos (ranging from carne asada to pollo) never let me down with their perfectly seasoned meat and authentic salsas. All I can say is “muy bueno!”

  106. the best street food i’ve had were the barbacoa tacos in guadalajara. the little hut my uncle took us to looked dirty and run down but we sat down anyway. the barbacoa broth with the smoky barbacoa and crispy tortillas were just fantastic. i’m drooling now.

  107. Best street food I’ve had was an original grilled cheese from the grill cheese truck!

  108. My favorite is now the balsamic fig and snickerdoodle sammie I got from Coolhaus.

  109. Cabeza tacos in Tijuana. I have family in the city and they always take me to a new exciting stand. But the cabeza tacos are the best.

  110. The bacon wrapped hot dogs with grilled peppers and onions that they sell after football games at the LA Coliseum!

  111. while i can’t say it was the greatest, i had my most memorable street food moment while traveling from mexico city to acapulco. our tour bus made a sightseeing stop at a church along the way, and despite our guide’s warning not to eat unfamiliar food, i ignored his advice and proceeded to order tacos from a street vendor before boarding the bus. everyone looked at me in disbelief as i savored its deliciousness. and no, i didn’t get sick, thanks to my being raised on similar street food in the philippines! 🙂

  112. The greatest street food I’ve had is funnel cake! 🙂 I’m craving some right now.

  113. So far, the best truck food in L.A. that I’ve had is the Baby’s Badass Burger. Truffles and cheese (and french fried onions), oh my! Amazing! Wonderful!

  114. I had an amazing grilled mozarella ball stick (kind of like a tiny skewer) in Japan!

  115. The greatest street food I ever had was a carne asada torta from a vendor in Tijuana. The roll was hard on the outside but soft inside. Guacamole was spread like mayo on the roll and it filled with carne asada pull off the grill and diced in front of you. Muy Bueno!

  116. The greatest street food item I have ever eaten are the velvet pancakes from the buttermilk truck. The chocolate chips in the batter and the marscapone cheese coconut whipped topping complements the pancakes perfectly.

  117. Best street food I ever ate? Fresh weisswurst from a cart in Munich.

    Apparently, that particular sausage spoils so quickly that it’s illegal to serve it more than a few hours after it’s made! (I have no idea if that’s true, but that’s what I was told.)

  118. Best street food? I was blocked from entering my hostel in Paharganj district (Delhi, India) because a wandering cow decided to nap on the stoop. I passed time by visiting a cart selling roasted potatoes … the most fragrant and deliciously spiced potatoes I’ve ever had. Mmmm.

  119. Dolores Park, SF: bacon wrapped hot dogs with the works (grilled onions, peppers, jalapeno, ketchup, mayo, mustard)! $4

    What makes street food the best is not only the food, but the people enjoying the experience with you. Come to Dolores Park on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll see and smell a row of small push carts all grilling bacon wrapped hot dogs! Sit on the grass by a shady tree and devour your hot dog! Lots of people watching at the park, too! Love it! 🙂

  120. Chicken satay in the streets of jakarta , Indonesia! It was the best ever! They grilled the satay and poured peanut sauce on top. There was a side of pickeld veggies and yellow rice. ALL FOR THE EQUIVALENT OF 2 DOLLARS AND 50 CENTS! holla! 🙂

  121. here in LA – the mango ribs from India Jones Chow Truck
    finger licking good!

  122. Best street food I have ever eaten is a smoked turkey leg. It was savory, juicy, and very tender! Best ever!

  123. Tacos in Mexico City. It was a cold dark day, and we could smell the rotating carnitas on a spit from across the street. Simple and delicious!

  124. The pupusas from the lady on Virgil, near Monroe St, outside of the church, at night. Best pupusas in L.A.

  125. Pani puri from a little vendor on the streets of Mumbai. Pani puri is a delicious dish made from hollow fried puffed bread stuffed with mint water, seasoned Indian potatoes, tamarind, chili, onions, and chickpeas.
    After watching the vendor stuff the bread, you gulp it down in one bite, where the bread pops and releases a barrage of flavors.
    So good, I think I ate 10 of them!

  126. Made to order churros on the streets of Brasil. Hot and crunchy, filled with dolce de leche and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Can’t beat ’em!

  127. Steve the Greek along Polk Street in SF in the late 80’s. They would stop everybody that walked by to give a taste of their Gyros.

  128. I had some amazing, freshly pressed sugar cane juice from a random little shack near Cairo, Egypt. SO GOOD.

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