6 thoughts on “Cold Nights Call For Steaming Sweet Soy Milk

  1. if there’s a bench right there, too, then this is a Date Night I would want to spend with you.

    yearning for steaming sua dau nanh,

  2. I love the weather in Dalat. Never had sua dau xanh, although it sounds delicious! Hope you are enjoying your time there. These photos make me want to go back…

  3. mmmm love it! can’t wait to hear more about this steamy soy milk. one of my buddies here in pdx makes her own soy milk and give me some now and then. good stuff!

  4. Spending this cold and rainy day in San Diego reading your blog on the couch…just warmed up a cup of sữa đậu nành in the microwave and sent my husband out for bánh mì at K Sandwich.

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