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Central (H)eating in the Central Highlands: Quán Bình Dân 07 – Đà Lạt

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

After spending a week in Saigon visiting family and taking advantage of the city’s unbelievable dining scene, The Astronomer and I hopped a flight to Dalat. Nestled in the mountains of the Central Highlands, Dalat offered a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively, from Saigon’s frenetic pace.

Here, temperatures were markedly cooler, roads were downright spacious, and the terrain was hilly and green. It’s no wonder that newly wedded Vietnamese honeymoon here in droves. Fresh air is romantic!

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

One of the highlights of our side trip was the meals that we shared at Quan Binh Dan 07, a scruffy local restaurant specializing in cac mon nhau (drinking food).

The sounds of boisterous revelers, along with the irresistible scent of meat sizzling on the grill, beckoned to The Astronomer while on his evening run. He was so excited to have stumbled upon such a find that we dined there that very night.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The restaurant was mostly packed when we came in, with small groups of friends and families huddled around communal hotpots and tabletop grills. This sort of fare is popular throughout Vietnam, but here in the crisp mountain air, it seemed less out of place.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The garnishes in the Central Highlands are a little different than what we encountered down south. Whereas seafood is usually served with salt, pepper, and fresh limes in Saigon, here we were treated to slices of locally grown tomatoes and cucumbers, herbs, and soy sauce squirted with chili sauce.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The first dish that arrived was the muc nuong sate (grilled squid), which arrived raw and marinated in a spicier-than-expected satay sauce.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

We grilled the squid carefully to make sure that its texture was properly tender rather than unappealingly chewy. The Astronomer loved this dish so much that we returned the following day for another order. The squid in Vietnam is nothing short of exsquidsite.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The mi xao thap cam, pan fried noodles with vegetables, shrimp, squid, and beef, tasted familiar enough and satisfied our need for noodles.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The highlight of the meal for me was the luon um nuoc dua. This was my first time encountering a dish prepared a la “um,” a style of cooking that requires ingredients to be sautéed with a little liquid and then covered with a lid until ready.

Here, eel, tomatoes, glass noodles, and a plethora of greens were cooked in coconut water with a curry-tinged blend of spices. The result was a soul-warming pot full of all that is good in this world. We ate the stew straight up and atop toasted rice crackers dotted with black sesame seeds.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

Our introductory dinner at Quan Binh Dan 07 was such a fist-pumpingly good experience that we returned the next day for more cac mon nhau. In addition to ordering The Astronomer’s favorite muc nuong sate, we shared the lau bo (beef hotpot) on our second visit.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

The lau bo came with two portions of egg noodles and several squares of tofu for dipping into the hot broth. We ordered additional noodle nests to satiate our American-sized appetites for carbohydrates.

Quan Binh Dan 07 - Dalat Vietnam

There was also a tremendous plate of greens for stewing in the broth.

The cold Dalat air seems to inspire dishes that not only deliver nutrients, but provide central heating as well. It’s a damn good thing that The Astronomer happened across this watering hole. It really treated us right.

Chúc mừng năm mới!

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  1. “drinking food” sounds so perfect for a cold rainy night like tonight! what an incredible meal the eel and the squid sounds so good! must put Dalat on my list of places to travel next Vietnam visit 🙂

  2. I went on a food tour with ms Rosie, really pretty tourguide in Dalat. She speaks really good English, best in Vietnam I have heard so far..
    It was one of greatest experience in Dalat.
    you can see her at dalattourguide.com

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