Apr 2017

{swoon} Hazelnut Rocher Cake at Sweetsalt Food Shop

Sweetsalt - Toluca Lake

While stationed in Toluca Lake for work a few weeks back, I had the very best afternoon pick-me-up at Sweetsalt Food Shop: a slice of Hazelnut Rocher Cake. I wasn’t planning on indulging in anything while on a walk down Riverside Drive, but the cutesy eatery beckoned me with its adorable script font and rustic picnic tables; I had to take a peek to see what was inside.

Sweetsalt - Toluca Lake

I had a feeling the Hazelnut Rocher Cake was going to be good given that there was only one piece left in the pastry case. I was treated to a tall slice of whipped hazelnut chocolate cream generously smooshed between three airy-fairy layers of meringue. The contrasting textures were fantastic, while the flavors were sweet but balanced.

This unexpected delight catapulted me through the rest of the day. Swoooooon.

Sweetsalt Food Shop
10218 Riverside Drive
Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Phone: 818-509-7790

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