Jan 2007

Cunetto House of Pasta – St. Louis

Photo by Cunetto

January 4, 2007
Cuisine: Italian

5453 Magnolia
St. Louis, MO

Phone: 314-781-1135
Website: http://www.cunetto.com/

Appetizer: Toasted Ravioli ($6.10)

Entree I: Melanzane Parmigiano – Sliced Eggplant baked with Tomato Sauce, Provel and Parmigiano Cheese ($5.35)

Entree II: Ditalini con Piselli – Small cut pasta with Creamy White Butter Sauce, Fresh Green Onions and Peas ($7.95)

Cunneto House of Pasta was highly recommended by David Chaplin AKA the Astronomer’s dad. Cunneto is located on The Hill, which is a predominantly Italian neighborhood in St. Louis with a large number of Italian eateries.

We started off our meal with an order of Toasted Ravioli because they are unique to St. Louis and it’s not very often that we find ourselves here. I have tried T-Ravs on a number of occasions while visiting the Astronomer at his home. As far as deep-fried food goes, T-Ravs are pretty good, but nothing spectacular. On the other hand, the Astronomer grew up eating T-Ravs, so they hold a very special place in his heart.

I tasted little difference between Cunneto’s T-Rav and the frozen Louisa brand the Astronomer’s family mail orders. However, the Astronomer thought the restaurant’s T-Ravs were more delicate and softer than the frozen variety. I thought the marinara sauce was quite tasty.

For my entree I ordered the Melanzane Parmigiano, which was an appetizer selection. Two layers of sautéed eggplants were topped with plenty of cheese and tomato sauce and baked to perfection. The eggplant was soft and sweet, the cheese was creamy and rich, and the marinara’s tartness balanced out the entire dish. Needless to say, the eggplant parmesan was excellent and more than reasonably priced!

The Astronomer could not pass up the opportunity to order pasta at a restaurant that proclaimed to be the “House of Pasta” and settled on the Ditalini con Piselli because he loves cream sauces. The Astronomer enjoyed the combination of flavors brought about by the peas, cream, and onions. I helped the Astronomer with his pasta and thought the green onions were an especially great touch because most Italian cooking uses white onions. Also, fresh green onions have spectacular flavor! The pasta portion was very generous, so we took a doggie bag to go.

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Jan 2007

Tamarind – San Diego (La Mesa)

Photo by YellowBot

December 28, 2006
Cuisine: Thai

7970 University Avenue Suite 310
La Mesa, CA 91941

Phone: (619) 337-2581
Website: http://www.tamarindthai.com/

Pad Thai – Stir fried small rice noodle with egg, tamarind sauce, leek, bean-sprout served with ground peanut on top ($8.50)

My friends Kellie and Aaron along with Kel’s husband Mike met for dinner at Tamarind to reminice about old times, catch up on new times, and eat some great Thai food.

Every time I eat at a Thai restaurant I make a conscious effort to order something other than Pad Thai. Sadly though, my efforts are usually futile because I REALLY like Pad Thai. Although I tried hard to order something new, this visit was no different, I ordered Pad Thai.

Tamarind makes a killer Pad Thai; I ordered mine with tofu. Other options include mock meat, vegetables, chicken, seafood, or beef. It must be noted that the noodles were superb due to their natural elasticity. I don’t think I have ever had such great noodles. Additionally, the sauce was appropriately sweet and sour. But since I like my Pad Thai on the sour side, I squeezed some fresh lime juice on top. Lastly, the tofu was fried to a nice crisp and the fresh bean sprouts brought a lovely crunch. Overall, a perfect rendition of my old standby.

Kellie ordered a fantastic Green Curry. The taste of lemongrass permeated the entire dish.

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Jan 2007

Á Châu – San Diego

December 30, 2006
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Deli

4644 El Cajon Blvd Ste 111
San Diego, CA 92115-4432

Phone: 619-281-4066
Website: none

Bánh Mì Dāc Biêt ($2.50)

Bánh Mì Thịt Nguội ($2)

A Chau sells the best bánh mì on the planet. The bread is perfectly crisp and always fresh, the meats are high-quality, and the pickled carrots and daikon are crunchy and flavorful. I always pick up some bánh mì whenever I am home because Philly bánh mì doesn’t stand a chance.

On my recent visit to A Chau, I ordered the bánh mì thịt nguội, which consists of cold cuts, pickled vegetables (carrots, daikon, onions, and cucumber), pate and cilantro. I always ask for my sandwiches without mayo. As always, the sandwich hit the spot and filled me up nicely. My other favorite sandwich at A Chau is the bánh mì bì cha, which comprises of shredded pork, slices of pork sausage and a drizzle of scallion oil.

Cousin Phil and Danny ordred the Bánh Mì Dāc Biêt, which came with everything on my sandwich with additional slices of pork sausage (cha).

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