Bánh Mì & Me in the New York Times

Julia Moskin investigates the exciting evolution of the humble bánh mì in her latest article, “Building on Layers of Tradition.” I’m stoked to be included in the piece and am excited to share with New York Times readers the awesomeness that is the Vietnamese sandwich. Without further ado, explore the art of bánh mì on gas•tron•o•my.

Bánh mì in Saigon

Bánh Mì Bratwurst

Bánh Mì Cá Sardine

Bánh Mì Döner Kebab

Bánh Mì Lá Lốt

Bánh Mì Thịt Nguội

Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng

Noodlepie’s Sarnie

Bánh mì in Alabama

Phở Quê Hương – Birmingham

Bánh mì in California

Á Châu – San Diego, [2], [3]

Ba Le French Sandwich & Bakery – Alhambra

Bánh Mì & Chè Cali – San Gabriel

Bánh Mì Mỹ Tho – Alhambra

Bánh Mì Mỹ Dung – Los Angeles

Lee’s Sandwiches – Alhambra (locations nationwide)

Mr. Baguette – Rosemead

Saigon’s Bakery & Sandwiches – San Gabriel & San Jose

Bánh mì in Missouri

BBC Asian Bar and Cafe

Bánh mì in New York

Xie Xie

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