Doughnut Perfection at the L.A. County Fair

LA County Fair 2011 - Opening Day

The search for Los Angeles’ best doughnuts has taken me west to Stan’s Donuts, east to The Donut Man, and somewhere in between to Nickel Diner. While I’ve sampled some very memorable doughnuts at these local institutions, they all paled in comparision to the maple bacon “Big D” I tasted this past weekend at the L.A. County Fair. It was easily the most amazing doughnut I’ve ever had in Los Angeles.

LA County Fair 2011 - Opening Day

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I forked over $8.50 for a single doughnut, but I had a feeling that it was going to be real good. The doughnuts here are fried to order, which means every ring served throughout the day is fresh and warm. Best of all, the doughnuts are Texas-sized for maximum gluttony.

Texas Donuts - L.A. County Fair

The maple bacon “Big D” spanned eight inches in diameter and fit snugly onto a dinner-sized paper plate. The heat from the doughnut seeped through the plate and tingled my fingers as The Astronomer and I made our way to a picnicking area to indulge. I loved how the doughnut was glazed and garnished just moments before, leaving the maple cream delightfully runny, while the bacon was crisp and caramelized.

LA County Fair 2011 - Opening Day

I could not resist picking up the whole shebang and going at it head first. Plastic knives and forks are for wimps. Eight-inches of freshly fried yeast dough can be a floppy affair, but I somehow managed to keep it all together. The doughnut’s texture was fabulously soft with a slight chew, while the bacon and maple toppings offered a balanced sweet and savory complement. God, it was perfect.

I’m hoping to make it to the Fair at least once more before it leaves town on October 2. I can’t imagine waiting an entire year for another hit of the maple bacon “Big D.” No way.

Texas Donuts at the L.A. County Fair (Palm Street, Space #1159)
1101 W. McKinley Avenue
Pomona, CA 91768
Phone: 909-623-3111

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