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{swoon} Blueberry Doughnut at M&M Donuts

The best damn #doughnut I've eaten this year: M&M Donuts' Blueberry Cake. Featured today on! #Anaheim #swoon

While making our way south on The 57 to San Diego last Friday night, the idea of stopping into Anaheim’s M&M Donuts for a taste of their famous blueberry doughnuts popped into my head. With a sleeping baby in the back seat and possible long lines to consider, decisions needed to be made quickly and assuredly. The promise of glossily glazed rings, purple speckled and piping hot, proved too enticing to resist.

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Veggie Grill – Pasadena

Veggie Grill - Pasadena

South Lake Avenue Appreciation Week wraps up today at VeggieGrill, a west coast chain serving meatless fare in a bright and airy fast-casual setting. My mom, who occasionally abstains from meat based on the Buddhist calendar, and I came in for a weekday lunch.

Veggie Grill - Pasadena

After placing our order at the front counter, we snagged a table and plopped down our number (and bums). I gathered a few condiments from near the drinks station just in case any additional seasoning was needed. Blandness is sadness.

Veggie Grill - Pasadena

The first dish to arrive at the table was the “Chill Out Wings” ($6.95), battered and deep-fried wheat gluten served with house-made ranch and roasted pepper sauce. Both Mom and I were big fans of the crisp-golden seitan rods. She dipped hers in ranch dressing, while the roasted red pepper sauce was more my speed.

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Du-par’s – Pasadena

Du-par's - Pasadena

South Lake Avenue Appreciation Week rolls on with a stop at Du-par’s. Known for its pancakes and pies, this classic L.A. diner took over the Hamburger Hamlet space last year. Pi Day gave The Astronomer and me the nudge we needed to finally give it a go.

Du-par's - Pasadena

James Dunn and Edward Parsons, who combined their surnames to create the restaurant’s name, opened the first Du-par’s at the Original Farmers Market. There are currently three locations around town, as well as outlets in San Diego and Las Vegas. All Du-par’s are open 24 hours.

Du-par's - Pasadena

The Pasadena location is quite expansive, even boasting a fireplace, but we opted to join the pies in the atrium because it felt festive there given the occasion.

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PokeMix by Flour + Tea – Pasadena

Poke Mix - Pasadena

I’m officially declaring it South Lake Avenue Appreciation Week on Gastronomy! While not nearly as hip a ‘hood as Old Pasadena, South Lake can hold its own, especially when it comes to casual dining.

Though the street is mostly lined with local and national chains like LemonadePanda Express, and Souplantation, there are a handful of one-off concepts like PokeMix, too—there’s a time and place for both kinds of establishments.

Poke Mix - Pasadena

Pokē is currently having a moment in L.A., with half a dozen shops opening in the past few months. PokeMix, which offers a “Build Your Own Poke Bowl” experience, comes from the folks behind Flour + Tea.

Poke Mix - Pasadena

Ordering here is a multi-step process.  First, diners select a size: small (2 scoops of main toppings), medium (3 scoops of main toppings), or large (4 scoops of main toppings). Second, a “base” of either rice, greens, or half and half needs be chosen. Third comes the seafood— salmon, spicy tuna, albacore, shrimp, scallops, and krab. And finally, a plethora of garnishes and sauces to finish.

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