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Eatalian Cafe – Gardena

Eatalian Cafe - Gardena

With my girlfriend Kellie coming from Santa Ana and me in Pasadena, a lunch date in Gardena was logistically sound since it was approximately halfway* between our respective starting points. After debating a few Hawaiian and Japanese restaurant options in the area, I selected Eatalian Cafe for our meetup. Pasta. Forever.

Eatalian Cafe - Gardena - Los Angeles

Eatalian Cafe brings a slice of Italy to an industrial stretch of Gardena lined with manufacturers and repairmen. Owner Antonio Pellini initially planned to transform this former textile factory into a production facility for fresh cheeses, gelati, and baked goods; however, the sheer size of the space was so grand that a dining room was built into the plans.

Here at this cavernous temple of Italian cuisine, pastas, sauces, gelati, breads, and pastries are made fresh every morning.

Eatalian Cafe - Gardena

Joining our party were The Astronomer and Kellie’s sis—the more the merrier.

To start, we shared the Emilia, grilled vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, onion, yellow and red bell pepper) topped with Parmigiano Reggiano and aged balsamic vinegar ($8.50). I loved the cheese’s salty granules, but the vegetables could’ve been smokier. 

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Sanuki No Sato – Los Angeles (Gardena)

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

Named after an old Japanese province on the island of Shikoku with the same boundaries as modern Kagawa Prefecture, Sanuki No Sato is famous for its udon, chubby wheat-based noodles served hot or cold.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

The 20-year-old dining room feels as sturdy as ever, while service is swiftly executed by a team of kimono-donning waitresses.

Sanuki No Sato - Gardena

The menu here features numerous small plates and sushi, but we zeroed in on Chef Moriaki Miyahira’s spectacularly slurp-worthy udon. To truly appreciate the noodles’ texture and nuances, I insisted on a bowl of the cold preparation. As soul-warming and comforting as noodle soups can be, hot broth tends to diminish udon’s impressive bite.
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