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#MauiChefsLAX: A Taste of Aloha in Hollywood

Maui & Los Angeles Chefs' Collaboration Luncheon

I recently attended a delectable eight-course “Aloha Friday” lunch prepared by a trio of Maui-based chefs using prime ingredients from the Hawaiian islands. Held at Acabar Restaurant, the event was hosted by the Maui Visitors and Convention Bureau to give L.A. food writers a literal taste of Maui’s vibrant culinary scene. From start to finish, I was seriously impressed by the flavors, techniques, and of course, aloha spirit.

Maui & Los Angeles Chefs' Collaboration Luncheon

Making the trip from Maui were Michael Lofaro (bottom row, right) of Humuhumunukunukuapua’a at Grand Wailea, Riko Bartolome (bottom row, left) of Cane and Canoe at Montage Kapalua, and Kyle Kawakami (top row, left) of Maui Fresh Streatery food truck. Oscar Torres (top row, right), executive sous chef of Acabar, rounded out the stellar lineup. Each chef was tasked with preparing two courses this afternoon.

Maui & Los Angeles Chefs' Collaboration Luncheon

Chef Michael Lofaro kicked off the good eating with a pristine ahi tuna tartare dressed in a ginger-lime vinaigrette and punctuated with cucumbers, shiso, and parsley.

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Falafel Arax – Los Angeles (East Hollywood)

Falafel Arax

Before diving into the best dishes of 2014 for my annual roundup, I have one final restaurant to review: Falafel Arax.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

The Astronomer, my mom, and I made our way here for dinner while Baby Girl was still stuck in the hospital. While we would’ve preferred to bring our sweetie home straightaway, we couldn’t have asked for better dining options around the hospital. We’re all about the silver lining around here.

Falafel-Arax - East Hollywood - Los Angeles

For well over 25 years, Falafel Arax has been dishing up Armenian delights in the heart of East Hollywood’s Little Armenia. Our dinner began with a requisite helping of beet-stained pickled turnips and potent pepperoncinis.

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Petit Trois – Los Angeles (Hollywood)

Petit Trois - Hollywood

Following the tremendous success of Trois Mec, Chef Ludo Lefevre, along with partners Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook of Animal and Son of a Gun, opened Petit Trois directly next door.

Whereas Trois Mec is quite formal, requiring pre-paid reservations and featuring pre-fixe menus, its sister restaurant takes the opposite approach. Both, it must be noted, are truly fantastic places to dine.

Petit Trois - Hollywood

The Astronomer and I made our way to Petit Trois for a late lunch on a Sunday afternoon. While all the seats along the kitchen-facing counter were taken at half past two, the ones along the opposite wall were free for the taking. We grabbed two stools and settled in for a feast of French bistro classics.

Petit Trois - Hollywood

Seated beside us was a stuffed rooster. The chef’s got a thing for le coq.

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Jonathan Gold’s Scouting Report #4: Field Trip

Field Trip

Pennsylvania Dutch meets California cuisine meets modern Asian. Say what? Filing my third Scouting Report, “At Field Trip, an only-in-L.A. Asian-Amish mash-up,” on the Los Angeles Times‘ Daily Dish.

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