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Anticucheria Peruana – Los Angeles (Norwalk)

Anticucheria Peruana - Los Angeles (Norwalk)

Anticucheria Peruana, also known as Anticucheria Danessi, may very well be California’s first restaurant dedicated to anticuchos, grilled Peruvian skewers. In addition to the signature offal offerings, Mario Danessi’s brightly lit and colorfully painted spot also serves mariscos, fruits of the sea prepared with Peruvian flare.

The Astronomer and I stopped in for lunch while exploring southeastern Los Angeles.

Anticucheria Peruana - Los Angeles (Norwalk)

While we waited for our food to arrive, we couldn’t help but admire the amazing mural spanning the entire length of the restaurant. It featured a multicultural cast chowing down on beef hearts, stomach lining, and Peruvian doughnuts. They were the happiest looking cartoon folks I’d ever seen.

Anticucheria Peruana - Los Angeles (Norwalk)

The anticuchos de corazon, thinly sliced beef hearts seasoned in a wicked aji colorado marinade, are the restaurant’s signature dish. While the heart of the matter was appealingly chewy, its edges were charred just so.

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