Oct 2006

Jim 'N Nick's – Birmingham

October 21, 2006
Cuisine: Southern, BBQ

1912 11th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-320-1060
Website: http://www.jimnnicks.com

Appetizer: Homemade Cheese Biscuits (half dozen)

Entree I: Pulled Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich- Served on an Old Fashioned bun, Bar-B-Q sauce, pickles, one trimming (macaroni and cheese)

Entree II: Pulled Pork Bar-B-Q Kitchen Plate – Served with homemade cheese biscuits, two trimmings (Fresh Cut Fries and Cinnamon Apples), Bar-B-Q sauce and pickles

Gastronomer: Jim ‘N Nick’s is my favorite BBQ joint in Birmingham. The last time I visited, the Astronomer and I ate at Jim ‘N Nick’s twice in two days! Sadly, we were only able to dine at Jim ‘N Nick’s once during this visit due to time constraints.

Astronomer: Jim ‘N’ Nick’s is probably the one restaurant in Birmingham that I visit every single time I go home. My BBQ cravings are seldom satisfied in the northeast, and nobody in Alabama can match Jim ‘N’Nick’s for the total BBQ experience. My friends and I love it so much, a bunch of them got jobs there.

Gastronomer: We started off our meal with a half dozen cheese biscuits. I’m not sure how they got their name since they are most definitely muffins, but when something is SO tasty it doesn’t really matter. It’s hard to describe exactly why these biscuits are so delicious. They’re warm, crisp around the edges, moist within, sweet, and slightly cheesy. These little gems are heavenly.


Astronomer: I was considering skipping the usual extra order of cheese biscuits in order to save room for the rest of the meal, but the Gastronomer helped me see my foolishness, so we went for it. Thank goodness. The cheese biscuits were amazing as always–the perfect concoction of soft, slightly sweet, somewhat cheesy deliciousness. Two more cheese biscuits came with my main course, bringing me to a total of 5 on the day. Mmmm…

Entree I:
Gastronomer: For my entree I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac and cheese. I also requested some extra BBQ sauce since I’m a saucy girl. The sandwich came with a heaping portion of pulled pork, a bit of sauce, and two pickles. The meat was perfectly moist and flavorful and the sauce was sweet and tangy. The pickles added a great contrast. The mac and cheese was mushy in that southern kind of way, creamy and delicious. Until my next visit, I’ll be dreaming about pulled pork and cheese biscuits.

Entree II:
Astronomer: For my entree I ordered my staple, the pulled pork platter with fries and cinnamon apples. The Gastronomer scoffed at my choice of sides, but I finished the meal delightfully satisfied. Whether or not they are a true southern classic, I maintain that Jim ‘N’ Nick’s fries go extremely well with barbecue. Like most of the BBQ places in Alabama, Jim ‘N’ Nicks has a unique sauce that really sets them apart. I have no idea how to describe its subtleties, but it’s awesome. The cinnamon apples are always a nice closing to the meal once I have stuffed myself on meat. As often happens on this sort of outing, neither of us had any room for dessert.

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10 thoughts on “Jim 'N Nick's – Birmingham

  1. When I visited Birmingham, Alabama.. I went to a business mtg with a catered meal.. by Jim & Nicks… The potato salad was the best… I have been going in the restraunt, buying a quart of it… Delicious… I am moving back to Indiana… I would like that recipe.. if possible… Recipe for Potato Salad… or shipment.. lol… Thanks… at least, there is something good about B’ham…

  2. was fortunate enough to have our annual employee appreciation lunch catered by local barbecue king jim n nicks.baked beans , a 10,cole slaw ,a 10, pie a 10, potato salad, a 10, main course,a 10,cute server also. see you soon, you are right down the road,bill

  3. jim n nicks is ok in a pinch, but is sub-par as a bbq joint, esp since it is a huge chain. i’ve tried their pulled pork several times and it is rushed and definitely overseasoned…

    isn’t there a dreamland bbq over there? or a hole in the wall bbq joint? ask the locals and i guarantee you’ll find a new favorite. i know 3 spots here in GA i’d recommend off the top of my head. jim n nicks doesnt even make my top 20 of local spots, as it is basically a bbq olive garden to me.

  4. I like Jim and Nick’s. I also like Dreamland. My favorite BBQ in Bama is Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur. I grew up in Memphis and Leonard’s or the Rendevous were the best for pulled pork and dry, rubbed ribs respectively. I make a habit of trying BBQ everywhere else I go and the best establishments so far have been found at Pierce’s in Lightfoot, Virginia and at Gates’ in Kansas City.

    Otherwise, I recommend stopping where one sees the smoke rising from the 55 gallon drum cookers on the side of the road (if they have picnic tables and plenty of cars). I’ve had better BBQ at most of these places than at the establishments. I’m hoping to find a place that uses chipotle peppers in its sauce. *THAT* would be a great BBQ sauce.

  5. I would love to have Jim and Nick’s Creamed Spinach recipe, anyone know how to get it?

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  7. I love Jim ‘N Nicks, too. You can’t beat their lemon pie and their cheese biscuits are great. I also love their Greek salad with a chicken breast sliced over the top.

    As a native Alabamian, I suggest you try the Original Golden Rule in Irondale, AL. …..I love their barbecue.

  8. As I posted on the other Jim ‘n Nick’s entry – a trip there in incomplete with a large order of homemade onion rings with warm BBQ sauce for dipping! Best pulled pork around!

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