Nov 2006

The Coventry Deli – Philadelphia

November 16, 2006
Cuisine: American (Traditional), Delis, Sandwiches

2000 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-972-8310

THE BASKET LUNCH – In a wicker basket you have a choice of a salad or a deli sandwich (with two deli salads and a pickle), a piece of fresh fruit, our own baked goodie, gum, hard candy, chips, condiments, paper goods and a wet-nap ($11.75)

The office always orders lunch when we have meetings. Today we ordered from the deli located on the first floor of our building. I’ve eaten there a couple of times for breakfast because they have excellent oatmeal.

I had a ham and cheese sandwich on some sort of grainy bread with Dijon mustard, a tomato slice, and lettuce. The sandwich was pretty good, but sadly the cheese was American. Not a real cheese (N.A.R.C). To make up for it, the meat was piled on high.

The two deli salads were a macaroni salad and a coleslaw. The macaroni salad was decent enough. Even though it tasted like a prepared salad from the grocery store. The coleslaw tasted like it came from KFC. Pass.

The baked goodie was a giant cookie from an outside manufacturer. The cookie was extremely large because it contained two servings and 520 calories. I ate 2/3 and saved the rest for later.

I gave my co-worker my chips (Herr’s original) and candy. I saved the piece of fruit, a green apple, for later.

The Coventry Deli makes a great oatmeal, but only a so-so basket lunch.

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