Dec 2006

Sandy's Restaurant – Philadelphia

December 1, 2006
Cuisine: American (traditional), Diner

231 S 24th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-732-8335
Website: none

Entree I: Egg Sandwich with Cheese ($3.35)

Entree II: Egg Platter – Two eggs over easy, home fries, bacon, whole wheat toast with jam and butter ($7.95)

After months of talking about going out for a meal, my friend Wes and I finally had lunch at his favorite eatery. Sandy’s is conveniently located across the street from Wes’ house–he’s been frequenting this joint for years and the staff know him by name AND order. Very impressive.

Sandy’s is more or less a greasy spoon, a charming greasy spoon, but a greasy spoon nevertheless. They serve hoagies, grinders, cheesesteaks, fried chicken, regular sandwiches and even some seafood and Greek specialties. Sandy’s also serves breakfast all day long, which Wes and I took advantage of on our visit.

I had the egg and cheese sandwich, while Wes had his usual. My sandwich was made on whole wheat bread with Swiss cheese. The sandwich was pretty straight forward; it tasted like the sum of all it’s individual parts. It was good, but I’ve made the same sandwich on a number of occasions at home. Perhaps next time I will have a Gyro since I can’t make that at home.

I didn’t taste any of Wes’ egg platter, but I’m pretty sure I knew what it tasted like–the sum of all its individual parts.

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