Feb 2007

Naked Chocolate Cafe – Philadelphia

February 10, 2007
Cuisine: Desserts & Bakeries, Coffeehouses

1317 Walnut St, Philadelphia 19107
At S 13th St

Phone: 215-735-7310
Webiste: www.nakedchocolatecafe.com


Vanilla Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting ($2)


Sipping Chocolate – The Ultimate Naked Chocolate Experience. Our Chocolatier’s selection of single origin varietal chocolates ($4.50)


Classic Hot Chocolate – Our blend of milk and dark chocolates ($5)


Bittersweet Hot Chocolate – A deep chocolate experience ($5)


Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting ($2)

After our savory meal at Penang, my friends and I headed over to Naked Chocolate Café to indulge our sweet tooth. The café was at maximum capacity when we arrived, but some clever hovering yielded a mighty fine table. Nice job, Tara and Molly.

I ordered a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting because I had eaten chocolate cake the previous evening and was experiencing palate fatigue. The frosting was excellent, but the cake was a smidge dry. I suspect that my cupcake was baked early in the day and thus lost its moistness by evening. What a shame.

Tara also ordered a cupcake. Hers was vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. The cake was moister than mine, but still not ideal. The frosting was above-average and the sprinkles were plain adorable. Additionally, Tara ordered the classic hot chocolate in the “indulgent” size. The one sip I had was awesome; the hot chocolate was rich, sweet, and of course, ultra-chocolaty.

Molly and Melina both ordered hot chocolates as well. Molly had the bittersweet hot chocolate in the indulgent size. The bittersweet was far thicker than the classic hot chocolate; the texture was almost pudding-like. The flavor was intense and I liked it a great deal.

Melina ordered the sipping chocolate at the recommendation of her history professor. Melina speculated that her “drink” was actually a melted down chocolate bar; she is probably correct. Regardless, she enjoyed her liquefied chocolate bar very much.

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