Mar 2007

Mama's Vegetarian – Philadelphia

March 21, 2007
Cuisine: Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, Kosher

18 S 20th St, Philadelphia 19103
Btwn Ludlow St & Ranstead St

Phone: 215-751-0477

Mama’s Sandwich – Falafel served with Hummus and Vegetables ($5)

Mama’s Vegetarian is a small Kosher restaurant located half a block from my office building. I’ve walked by this eatery at least twice a day for the past two years and finally sampled their delights last week for lunch. Although Mama’s menu is pretty limited, their offerings are masterfully executed.

Joined by my colleague Ricky, we both ordered Mama’s Sandwich. I had the large size, while Ricky had the small ($3.50). The difference between the large and small sandwich is two Falafel and half a pita. Both of us opted to have our sandwiches made with whole wheat pita with all the fixings minus the spicy sauce. Our pita pockets were filled to the brim with cabbage, tomatoes, hummus, cucumber, Tahini sauce, and of course, Falafel.

The sandwich was delicious! Each bite was filled with fresh vegetables, creamy hummus, and fragrant Tahini. The Falafel was especially memorable. It’s exterior was crisp and interior was warm and savory. I liked how the freshly fried Falafel contrasted with the cold sauces and vegetables. Ricky had never tried Falafel before and enjoyed his sandwich immensely. In fact, he purchased another one to go.

I wish I had tried Mama’s sooner.

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4 thoughts on “Mama's Vegetarian – Philadelphia

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  2. this place is fantastic! cheap, filling and great quality. The eggplant pita is great too…one of the cooks evens throws a surpirse falafel in there if you are lucky. they also have a hidden little fixings area over to the right of the counter

  3. Mmmm, love middle eastern sandwiches! I’m going to check this place out soon, thanks for the tip.

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