Apr 2007

Tampopo – Philadelphia

March 26, 2007
Cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Sushi

104 S 21st St, Philadelphia 19103
At Walnut St

Phone: 215-557-9593
Website: www.tampoporestaurant.com

Ito En Green Tea ($1.50)

Hot Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl ($5.50)

Bi Bim Bob Rice Bowl with beef ($6.95)

With Luscious in town, I’ve been crossing off many eateries on my ever-growing “must try” list. Tampopo has been on the list for quite some time because I’m not sure how to incorporate informal/take-out restaurants into my life. For me, it’s either preparing a meal at home or dining out at a full-service restaurant. Tampopo’s casualness leaves me confused because my eating habits are annoyingly stringent.

Luscious and I met up for lunch one afternoon and stuck to the Korean dishes on the menu. The offerings at Tampopo include Bento boxes, rice bowls, sushi, noodles, and salads. All menu items are priced under $10. Both of us ordered rice bowls with brown rice; I had the beef Bi Bim Bob, while Luscious had the Hot Spicy Chicken.

The Bi Bim Bob was hearty, hot, and full of steamed vegetables including bean sprouts, zucchini, carrots, and spinach. The classic Bi Bim Bob sauce was served on the side and I requested an extra helping because I love my Bi Bim Bob spicy. Sadly, I forgot to request a fried egg with my rice bowl. Doh! However, even without a runny egg, the Bi Bim Bob was very tasty. The highlight of the dish was the spicy sauce and my only complaint was that the beef was a little tough and skimpy.

Luscious also really enjoyed her Hot Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl. The marination was perfect and the portion filled her up nicely. As a native Hawaiian, Luscious is a Korean and Japanese food connoisseur; her approval speaks volumes about Tampopo.

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