Jul 2007

Crepêrie Beau Monde – Philadelphia


June 24, 2007
Cuisine: French, Desserts & Bakeries, Other

624 S 6th Street, Philadelphia 19147
At Bainbridge St

Phone: 215-592-0656
Website: www.creperie-beaumonde.com


Entree I: Smoked Salmon / Saumon Fume Buckwheat Crêpe – with roasted leeks and crème fraîche ($10)


Entree II: Mushrooms/Champignons Buckwheat Crêpe – saute of wild & domestic mushrooms and mushroom sauce ($7)


Dessert I: Wheat Crêpe with Bananas and Dulce de Leche ($6.75)

rasp, choco

Dessert II: Wheat Crêpe with Fresh Raspberries, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream ($11.75)

By now, longtime readers of gas•tron•o•my probably know that The Astronomer and I simply adore Crepêrie Beau Monde. Every time we have friends or family in town or are asked for restaurant recommendations, we always insist upon Beau Monde for their wonderful crêpes and unparalleled atmosphere. I have been dining here since my college days and will not likely find crêpes better than Beau Monde’s anywhere, unless of course I’m in the Breton region of France!

For our penultimate meal in the city, The Astronomer and I headed to Beau Monde for one final feast of crêpes. Since I will not be returning to the restaurant in the near future due to my pending move, I figured it would be best to stick to my favorites rather than experiment with new ingredients. I ordered the mushroom savory crêpe and the dulce de leche with bananas sweet crêpe, both of which I’ve had on many occasions. The savory and sweet crêpes were as delightful as I remembered, but a tad drier than the ones I’ve had prior. Who knows when my next trip to Beau Monde will be, but I will request saucier crêpes when I return.

The Astronomer’s savory crêpe, smoked salmon with roasted leeks and crème fraîche, has always been one of his old standbys. He commented that the combination of flavors from the salmon, crêpe, and leeks were very good, but overall the crêpe was too dry; additional sauce would have made for a more complete and satisfying package. The Astronomer’s sweet crepe with raspberries, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream was everything he hoped it would be. The chocolate and berries went together beautifully and the cool ice cream topped off the entire creation perfectly.

Philadelphia’s vibrant restaurant scene is chalk full of good eateries, but I find myself returning to Beau Monde time after time for their immense value, unique offerings, and gorgeous space.

The Astronomer, P/PV

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One thought on “Crepêrie Beau Monde – Philadelphia

  1. i was at beau monde for the first time the very same day as you wrote your review — 24 june 2007. what a coincidence — so i decided to post to chime in and agree with you. i have been back to BM since then, on several occasions, and have loved it every time.

    i have enjoyed reading your blog thus far (i’ve picked through parts of the philly section, mostly, since i now live in west philadelphia and am always in need of new places to eat!) thanks for your detailed reviews and lovely pics. will be back for more gastronomic wisdom!

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