Jan 2008

EVA Airlines

Timezones are crazy. I boarded a flight to Taiwan at LAX on the evening of the fourth and arrived in Saigon on the sixth. January fifth never existed! Crazy, right?

But enough talk about international datelines and whatnot, here’s what I ate on board my flight! Once again, EVA Airlines came through for me with high-fiber meals. However, they weren’t as tasty as those on my flight to the states because two of the three meals originated in LA. Everyone knows Taipei makes better high-fiber meals.

The first leg of my flight took off at 11 PM. Everyone on board was served a fourth meal soon after reaching our cruising altitude. My main entree was a gravy-topped steak, buttered noodles and steamed broccoli and carrots. Sides included a non-whole wheat roll (boo!), an iceberg salad with one cherry tomato and cucumber slices, and pieces of honeydew and cantaloupe. Dessert consisted of two Oreo cookies.

I passed on the steak because meat at midnight is worse than meat in the morning. The noodles were heavily buttered and decent, while the carrots and broccoli were mushy, but edible. I skipped the white bread because it lacked the fiber I had specifically requested. The fruit and veggies were fine; the honeydew and cantaloupe were surprisingly sweet for being out of season. As always, the Oreos did not disappoint.

A couple hours before reaching Taipei, we were served breakfast. I received a plain omelet with sauteed spinach and mushrooms and a roasted tomato. Sides included a mini-croissant, banana and strawberry yogurt and fresh fruit (pineapple and grapefruit).

The omelet would have been much tastier with the vegetables incorporated into it and a little Tabasco sauce. The fruit and yogurt were both fine. The warm and flaky croissant was easily the tastiest part of the meal. EVA Airlines outsources a mean croissant!

The meal served on my flight from Taipei to Saigon was excellent—Taipei really does know how to make tasty high-fiber fare. The main entree was curry chicken with brown rice and steamed celery and carrots. Sides included another white roll (boo!!) and some fresh fruit (guava, orange, grapefruit). For dessert I had three chocolate cookies with dried cranberries.

Everything but the white bread was spot on. The curry had just the right amount of spice and the chicken was very tender. The fruits were excellent and the cookies once again contained an unknown “crunch” factor that really made them delicious (and hopefully fibrous).

Those on board without special dietary needs, were given Russian strawberry ice cream for dessert. The stewardess gave me one too, even though I had already polished off three cookies. I never knew Russia imported ice cream. Can strawberries even grow in Russia? No matter. It was good. And it’s good to be back in Saigon!

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3 thoughts on “EVA Airlines

  1. Hhmm… I wonder what they served at the first class and business class. I’ve also tried the Russian ice-cream before, it was actually quite DeLicIouS~ I asked for a second too haha.

  2. This is going to be plain silly, but when I glanced at the pictures, the green cup caught my attention, because there’s one sitting in our cupboard! Last time my mom flew to VN (last Tet), my mom brought back all of the cups she stole from the airplane, tsk! (But I think the cups are adorable x: )

    I still remember those awful ‘airplane snacks’ I got whenever I flew x:

  3. Summer – you’re such a good eater ;-)!

    Raine – your mom is classic! just classic. if i’d known she was such a fan, i would have five finger discounted a couple more for her collection.

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