Mar 2008

Air France

Before boarding my flight to Bangkok on Air France, I prayed to the airline gods that we would be served baguettes and brie cheese. Although my prayer for French food was not answered, the eats on board were above average. The Air France caterers could teach Vietnam Airlines a thing or two about preparing palatable sandwiches.

Our direct flight took slightly over an hour, which was just long enough to reach cruising altitude, scarf down some food and land safely.

On our flight to Bangkok, we were served a cold ham, lettuce, and tomato focaccia sandwich. The bread was lightly smeared with an herb cheese spread that I thought was a nice touch. If the sandwich had been toasted, I would’ve swooned. A container of fruit yogurt and a sticky rice cake were served on the side. Yay on the yogurt, but neigh on the cake.

On our flight back to Saigon, we were served a three-layer cucumber, cheese and pork sandwich on crust-less white bread. I was seriously starving at the time and killed the sandwich in less than three minutes. Who knows if it was actually good? The fruit yogurt made a second appearance on this flight, along with a jellylike red bean number. I was still hungry, so they both disappeared much too quickly to actually taste.

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One thought on “Air France

  1. that sounds good – at least better than that of VN Airline 🙂
    I also have a online journal of my trip – but not all about food like yours. Anyway, I just show photos of food – I have had more than 300 of them in my collection; Vietnamese and foreigner ones. I love taking photos of food, hehe and eating them as well.
    I think I will probably go to Chiang Mai to visit my friend this summer – then, enjoy the food there ^___^
    As usual, I like your food entries 🙂
    way to go!

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