May 2008

Cathay Pacific

After several days of superb eating in Hong Kong (with the exception of Bo Innovation), The Astronomer and I packed up our bags and flew back to Saigon on a painfully early flight. While the onboard meals on our departure flight were excellent, the ones on our return weren’t nearly as exciting.

My high fiber meal, which I specifically requested during check-in, consisted of a whole-wheat roll, fruit, scrambled eggs, home fries, a roasted tomato, turkey sausage and a cup of orange juice. The fruit was exceptionally fresh, while everything else was unremarkable. However, I will admit that the sausage was a real treat because it’s been ages since I’ve tucked into one of those greasy monsters.

The funny thing about high fiber meals is that they’re always served with margarine and Splenda. Just because I like fiber doesn’t mean I like fake sugar and butter, you know what I mean?

The Astronomer had a choice between porridge and noodles for his breakfast; he chose noodles. I didn’t nab a bite because the noodles looked gluey and unappetizing, but according to the Astronomer, they weren’t terrible.

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2 thoughts on “Cathay Pacific

  1. Was it ‘Cathay Pathetic’ then :b ? I don’t understand this juice in a cup… in another cup. Could be my mom’s influence, but those airline dishes and cups are adorable :b

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