Jul 2008

Cebu Pacific

I usually begin and end a series of travel posts by sharing what I ate on the flight. However, on my recent trip to the Philippines, there was no airplane food to speak of. Not even a measly bag of peanuts. Cebu Pacific is an uber budget airline where luxuries like snacks, blankets and pillows must be purchased on board. Lame for blogging, but good for the wallet because the flight was ridiculously cheap.

Purchasing a bargain flight also meant flying out at an odd hour. We left Saigon at 2 AM. Here’s a funny picture that Nina took of Cathy, The Astronomer and me (left to right) passing out on the benches of the new international wing before take off.

Lot’s of posts on awesome Pinoy food in the days to come. I miss lechon already.

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3 thoughts on “Cebu Pacific

  1. how exciting, I’m looking forward to reading about it! I went in the 80’s and was schlepped around by my uncle and I can’t remember if I ate any authentic food at all when I was there!

  2. foodhoe – The Filipinos whole heartedly embrace western foods, but we steered clear on our visit. Not even one trip to JolliBee during our whole visit 😉

  3. hello there,
    long time no visit ur blog. I was off for my vacation 😛
    nice that you travel to Philippines. Can you get the visa on arrival? it’d be awesome for me, you know 😛
    and by the way, you all were so lucky that you got a place to sleep in the airport. last month, i arrived at Noi Bai @1am and waited for my next flight @6am, but i was asked to stay out of the terminal…no chair, no bench, nothing to lay down for sleeping in 4hrs. Sucks eh?
    I traveled to Luang Prabang and Siem Reap last month. I will post photos of those countries’ local food soon 🙂

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