6 thoughts on “Siamese Bananas

  1. I always wonder, what’s the proper way to peel a banana? What do you call? Head or tail? 🙂

  2. u know someone just told me the proper vietnamese way is to snap the banana in half and it has something to do with a dudes penis or something. can anyone make sense of this ol superstition?

  3. the proper way for a Vietnamese lady to eat a banana is to peel half the banana off, snap it (the peel off part) then eat it. Then peels off the rest, snaps it out then eats . The reasom is that in the feudal time, when the king had many wife and those wive had a lot of royal maids to serve them. Those maids can not have sex with anybody in the palace and can not go out of the palace either. So they used banana to satisfy themselves. So now, it is kind of impolite if a lady eats a banana in public without snapping it in half.

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