Aug 2008

Air China

After two too short days in Xi’an, The Astronomer and I packed up our bags and flew to Beijing on Air China, the country’s national carrier.

It was another painfully early flight. The two breakfast options we were given on board were “Chinese” or “Western.” We both chose Chinese to start, but I quickly changed my mind after The Astronomer opened up his entree to reveal a mysterious gray porridge.  

My Western breakfast consisted of sauteed cabbage and carrots (what part of the West eats this in the morning?), bacon, scrambled eggs atop buttery toast, pineapple cubes, apple chips, a roll, and a piece of cake. Westerners LOVE cake for breakfast.

The cabbage and carrots were the first to disappear. The eggs atop toast were a bit soggy, but still edible. The bacon was chewier than it ought to have been, but I still kinda liked it. Clearly, this girl was hungry. I gifted The Astronomer a roll and a piece of cake which he Hoovered up.

And this, my friends, is what the Chinese supposedly eat for breakfast. The Astronomer took 1.5 bites and called it quits. For some bizarre reason, the combination of stewed rice and black beans tasted like water—it was the strangest thing. We both regretted waking up from our naps to down this slop.

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4 thoughts on “Air China

  1. the chinese breakfast is Chao’ Dau Den. If you cook it right, it should be a tasty and refresh dish.

  2. That porridge does not look at all appetizing to say the least 🙂

    Will you be catching any of the Olympics games?

    BTW, do you know of any airline that has cheap fares from Tokyo to SGN or BKK?

  3. I am definitely not a fan of porridge especially in the morning. I want me some thick slice of bacon and a dozen eggs.

  4. Duy – It tasted like lumpy water.

    James – We’ll be catching quite a few games – details to come 😉 And regarding cheap flights, we flew from SGN to BKK for under $200 during Tet this year on Air France. It was a special promotion. Check religiously.

    nhbilly – If it’s breakfast at home, I stick with cereal. But if I’m going out to a restaurant, I usually go for the sticky sweet stuff like french toast and pancakes! I like eating eggs and bacon for dinner.

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