Nov 2008

GPS Restaurant Locator

In addition to helping lost souls find their way, I recently discovered that GPS devices can also help hungry folks find sustenance.

My mom recently bought a gorgeous new ride that came fully equipped with a super-advanced GPS system. While in San Diego for a short visit, The Astronomer and I took her car for a cautious spin. While we were driving about, I noticed that the on-screen map included little icons of Mexican, Chinese and American flags.

Curious as to what they symbolized, I touched an icon with my fingertip. Voila—a restaurant name appeared! How cool is that? However, when I touched the “info.” icon next to the eatery’s name, nothing happened. I hope that in the future, restaurant reviews from Yelp or Gayot or gas•tron•o•my will appear when the information icon is pressed. That would be bomb.

Have you ever decided where to eat by using a GPS system?

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5 thoughts on “GPS Restaurant Locator

  1. I hope Gayot does come up! I’ve heard they have the best staff.

    I certainly hope Yelptards’ reviews don’t come up, though…

    Is there room for Gourmet Pigs?

  2. Jon – You heard right—the best staff ever! And there’s always room for Gourmet Pigs. If we had comp sci know-how, we could write a program for the restaurant information button.

  3. Have you ever decided where to eat by using a GPS system?
    you must be kidding on eating using GPS.

    If U R in San Diego here is the tip
    PHIL’S BBQ, near Sea World. 3750 Sports Arena Blvd
    you can thank me later.

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